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We have a documentary that explains everything that is happening in this world.  We have 48 trailers for you to upload and share on your social media to drive awareness to what is really happening.

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Volunteer your time and or services.  We are in need of people in every city of this Country in a multitude of areas of expertise.  Here are more details on this, and the application for you to join our team.

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Donate.  Some people do not have the technical skills, or following on social media where either of the first 2 options work for them.  We need donations to fund our action plans, and cover expenses that come up.

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Store respecting mask exemptions
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Print Outs

Epstein's List Download – Ghislaine Maxwell Complete Court Manuscript
Charter of Rights Mask Exemption Violations
Bonnie Henry’s Emails
Canadian Senators Email Addresses
File A Human Rights Complaint in BC
Downloadable PDF of Scientific Resources Against Lockdowns.
Masks Don’t Work Proof
Complete List of Canadian MLA’s Alphabetically
Notice of Liability Forms
Okanagan Doctors Letter To 3 Criminals In Charge
Business Non Discrimination Signs
Vaccine Safety Report
Police Suing Federal and Provincial Government
The complete list of the WEF members from first graduating class.
List of Freedom Fighting Politicians Across Canada

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This is the best information to use to share on your other social media networks where you have a following.   Choose from the various content articles and videos, and just click on the share button below the piece, and share to your social networks.  The more you share, the faster we wake up Canada.  Together we will WAKE UP CANADA!

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We are a non-profit group.  We have created merchandise clothing and accessories to help fund our cause.  All profits from the sale of these items go back into the further development of this community and site.  Plus when you wear our gear, you make a bold statement of who you are, and that you are a civil rights fighter.  Our clothing line is of exceptional quality, looks great, and makes you stand out in a crowd.

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