Dr. Peter McCullough – “The vaccines are killing us”

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Short, blunt, straight to the point. This is the latest video that got me banned from Facebook. Dr. Peter McCullough has testified in front of the senate in the US and is the second highest publicized author of papers on [...]

Green energy: Don’t stick Granny with the bill

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by Planning Engineer (Russell Schussler) Renewable energy has an equity problem.  Energy policies that force consumers to incur huge costs to meet larger public aims become a hidden form of taxation.  Energy bills eat up much larger proportions of income for … Continue reading →

A.I. – The Greatest Disruptor of All Time

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We are entering the dawn of a new age.   What happens MUST be up to us, and not the globalists and their puppets.  The new A.I. coming out is going to be the biggest disruptor in the last 100 years.  [...]

Rapid technological innovation – not harmful renewables policy – key to lighting our energy future

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by Judith Curry Framework for a robust transition of our energy systems. Here is the text of my latest oped for Australia’s Sky News: Australia’s rapid transition of electric power systems away from fossil fuels is introducing substantial new risks … Continue reading →

Dr. Jay Lehr

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On Tuesday, CFACT lost another friend, Dr. Jay Lehr. What a man he was! Dr. Jay Lehr CFACT’s friends and readers have been treated to a brilliant weekly science update from Jay.  He has served as a Senior Policy Advisor to CFACT since 2020. The day before we lost him, we published a [...] The post Dr. Jay Lehr appeared first on Clintel.

Coquitlam Protest gone wild! – Stop Sogi123.

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I need to put context into this video. Harm Bomm that is the one with the megaphone is not there to condemn the trans or gay community. This protest was to stop SOGI 123 which is over sexualizing our children. [...]

Newsletter January 11, 2023

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© Clintel Foundation / Wednesday January 11, 2023 Climate Case of the Century: March 15 will be crucial This picture, produced for Clintel by the Dutch artist Vincent Geijsen, tells a thousand words. Clintel is David fighting not one but two Goliaths. Indeed, Clintel has applied for leave to [...] The post Newsletter January 11, 2023 appeared first on Clintel.

Academics and the Grid Part 3: Visionaries and Problem Solvers

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by Planning Engineer (Russell Schussler) The potential of climate change with an unworkable grid is the most frightening potential scenario of all.  We need visionaries and problem solvers to avoid this scenario. This is the third installment in a series … Continue reading →

135 Million paid out to NIH employees in Vaccine Royalties.

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Can you say conflict of interest when Fauci's net worth went up 5 million dollars because of his corrupt conflict of interest, and his wife being the head of the ethics commission of NIH that is supposed to stop this [...]

Save Canada – Stand up, Speak Out, Make your people listen.

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The urgency of you waking up your family, friends, co-workers, and acquaintances has never been higher. We HAVE to get so many Canadians awake, that the government can no longer pretend, there is no evidence of their crimes. We have [...]

Banned Again! I guess we have no choice!

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My personal tactics before having to elevate this battle with Facebook was working. Until today. I started gaining the traction I once had in Facebook, and they had to shut it down. They are doing everything in their power but [...]

Now that twitter seems to not censor Conservative speech.... Welcome to my twitter feed!

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