This is a call to action to the Awake Canada Civil Rights Movement!

We are looking for leaders in every city of the Country that wish to be part of taking our Country back!   Our very first MASSIVE ACTION campaign across the Country is about to take place.  If you are interested in becoming boots on the ground, and a team leader in your city representing BARS, RESTAURANTS, AND BUSINESSES that will not discriminate against any Canadian citizens under ANY circumstances, then please download the below PDF document, and print out at home, or at Staples to solicit bars, and restaurants, that are brave enough to challenge the vaccine passports in court.

Each business will be listed in our Classified sites listing that we are building right now, and be flooded with Patriotic Canadians across the Country.

Once you have found a bar, or a restaurant that will do it.  Ask if they wish to be listed in a directory for our members to easily find them. Some might not, but some will knowing that they are going to have to stand strong and fight anyways. If they do, please send us the following to and we will take care of the listing for them

  • Picture of their restaurant
  • picture of the flyer on their door,
  • name of restaurant.
  • Address of restaurant
  • website if they have any.
  • City, and province

We will add their listing to our directory and distribute thousands of customers from our group to patronize your restaurant, and make you busier than you have ever been.  We will challenge unlawful mandates, and help businesses that do not discriminate against any Canadian for any reason.

This is a small view of the printout

Click to get pdf to printout

The business will be flooded with business from our very large civil rights movement database of customers.  We have members in all corners of the Country, that will support these businesses!

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