Here you can download the 42 pages in pdf form of the emails that were released.  One thing to note here.  Last year when Dr. Charles Hoffe in Lytton Bc immunized 900+ patients, he declared 4 became permanently disabled.   I don’t see the full letter, but I had published it on facebook at the time.  Here is a letter from 3 doctors from the Okanagan, that I don’t see any reference too in these emails.  How many emails are hidden?  How many emails were not responded too.  Only years of investigating will reveal the whole story, but by then Millions of Canadians will have fallen ill, and/or died due to this massive experimentation on our population.

Download Bonnie Henrys Emails Directly from the Government site Here.

In the case the government tries to hide these in the future, I have made a backup copy here.

They were, and still are being promoted as “Safe and Effective”. The data in her emails alone clearly shows that she knew they were not.  Never mind the links below and the other information they knew that are not revealed in this first batch of her emails.  She needs to be tried, prosecuted, and given life in prison with no chance of parole.

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