Here are the complete transcripts from Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial, including the Epsteins list of the people that flew to the island. This does not mean that everyone on the flight logs were guilty of crimes, but it does mean many of them were. It is not hard to tell which people are compromised, because they are the ones that publicly speak nonsense in light of all the evidence against covid and the crimes against humanity. The ones that are compromised, push whatever narrative they are blackmailed to do. I would like to say that I have not gone through the whole thing yet. Once I do, I will do a summary video, with evidence of my thoughts on the names.

I would preliminary say though without even looking it over, that Sean Penn, and Madonna are two of the most compromised people on the planet in lieu of what they have said, and done over the years, the most recent one being Sean Pean saying that unvaccinated people is like having a gun loaded on innocent people, and that they should not have the right to leave the house. Little do they know how this is going to backfire on all of these corrupted people. They day of reckoning is one step closer with this transcript released.

Download Court Transcripts Here

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