On this page you will find some of the most important documentaries made from professional documentary film makers with regards to everything that is happening in the world right now.  I have put the video below at the top, because it sums up everything that is happening in the world right now, and currently has over 600,000 views on our Awake Canada Rumble Channel. 

Watch This Video – The most important documentary of our time!

Now you are aware that all mainstream media, cannot be trusted.  Hence the birth of alternative media sites like Awake Canada, Rebel News, and True North News!

Here are other fact checked documentaries on Awake Canada!

The Real Dr. Fauci Documentary Full Movie

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Here is the full documentary available for a limited [...]

“The Creepy Line” documentary now ON Awake Canada!

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This documentary explains totally how Google, Facebook, and other tech [...]

Shots – Eugenics to Pandemics Documentary

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The most important documentary to watch regarding the people behind [...]

Here is a 3 part miniseries on Amalek!


Recently Kanye West has been speaking on this topic, and was labelled anti-Semitic.  The views in these below documentaries do not necessarily hold the views of Awake Canada, and DOES show some very graphic content and scenes.  The reason it is included, is because these are REAL QUOTES from people that are in high positions of power.  If we do not recognize the enemy, how can we defeat them?   It is my personal views that although this may seem anti-Semitic, you will find that most Jewish people do not hold the same views of the people depicted in these videos.   Kanye West has pointed out on videos that the people that control the music industry, and previously controlled him, before he realized that it was more important to speak the words of God.  He would rather lose his empire than to be controlled by very corrupt people that control Hollywood, banks, and private institutions all over the world.  This series will dive into great length an agenda against the human race so sinister it will be very hard to watch.

You Are Amalek Part 1

You Are Amalek Part 2

You Are Amalek Part 3

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