Here is the most extensive list of the WEF criminals imposing the one world government policies into our political systems. I believe that some of these people are innocent because of stupidity. They were sold an ideology without being given the true facts of the underlying goals of the WEF. However, many are compensated illegally for their participation in making it happen. So for those ignorant, ignorance is not a defence in law. For those deliberately working at stripping citizens of the world of their freedoms, in the name of making your wallets fatter. We have reserved a place in hell for you, and you can be sure that we will see this fight through until you have your seat. If you are a guilty member of the WEF, it would be in your best interest to come forth and start ratting out the agenda to officials that have the power to stop it and are not part of it. You might save your life. If not, we will catch you, prosecute you, and execute your for the highest crimes against humanity.

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This list was made from one of our true patriot doctors.

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