Dr Peter McCullough’s interview with Grant Stinchfield, following his strange experience testifying in Ontario’s CPSO “trial” of Dr Trozzi

American news anchor Grant Stinchfield recently interviewed Dr Peter McCullough regarding the obstruction of access to quality health care in Ontario, and his bizarre experience testifying in the CPSO ruled “hearing” of the CPSO versus Trozzi.

“These medical boards want to destroy people’s lives and over look the glaring evidence that the ‘vaccines’ are not safe and not effective.” – Dr Peter McCullough

Dr Mark Trozzi Targeted For Speaking the Truth

Hard hitting news anchor Grant Stinchfield called out the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO) for unfair review procedures in the case of Dr. Mark Trozzi, an emergency physician with an excellent clinical track record. The College spent hours trying to discredit Dr. McCullough in the witness chair and would not put a single substantive question to Dr. McCullough about Dr. Trozzi’s clinical practice or care of COVID-19 patients.

The CPSO closed out their last day of of the trial while Trozzi has been suspended from practice for 8 months. The College has intentionally delayed proceedings to cause huge fines, greater loss of income, and destroy Dr. Trozzi’s ability to keep his career on track. This investigation should have taken a few days at the first instance of an issue raised by CPSO.

In this 10-minute interview Stinchfield also has Dr. McCullough give some key updates on autopsies of COVID-19 vaccine victims and much more.

The video clip above comes from The Grant Stinchfield Tonight Show episode of July 17th, 2023. 

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