Iveremctin is a top tier safe medicine for both coronavirus infections and treating people injured by the toxic covid-19 genetic injections. Tomorrow July 29th is World Ivermectin Day.

Ivermectin is the award winning safe effective medicine with many benefits for humans. Those benefits include its antiviral activities against messenger RNA viruses including coronaviruses. Never before has a safe effective medicine been the center of such an intense scandal. Global predators suppress ivermectin to coral humanity into high profit dangerous covid-19 genetic injections. Doctors who prescribed or teach people about ivermectin have been unlawfully persecuted in many countries especially Canada. Now, with more than one billion covid “vaccine” injured victims world wide, ivermectin remains essential, due to its ability to sequester and block the toxic spike proteins that are mass produced within injection victims in response to the genetic injections. Tomorrow is World Ivermectin Day.

An Important 1 Minute Brief about ivermectin from Dr Tess Lawrie, founder of BIRD

BIRD is the British Ivermectin Recommendations Development group

What The Public Has Been Told About Ivermectin Simply Isn’t True

Dr Lawrie shares 2018 WHO Documentation showing how safe ivermectin is in humans with more than one billion doses of ivermectin used prior to covid. Ivermectin has an adverse event rate of 11 per 1 million treatments; that’s even lower than Tylenol or Aspirin. Compare that with the coerced covid-19 genetic injections (“vaccines”) which have killed 20 million people world. The WHO’s own data base holds 5 million adverse event reports from the covid-19 “injections”

Bernie Piazza’s personal ivermectin testimony

Bernie Piazza speaks live with WCH Steering Committee members Dr Tess Lawrie, Dr Mark Trozzi and Christof Plothe DO about his experience using Ivermectin and why it is such a godsend.

Author Jeff Prager shares his ivermectin experience, insights, and theories

Saturday July 29th, 2023 is World Ivermectin Day

Please join us Saturday July 29th at 11 AM EST (4 PM BMT in the UK) to celebrate World Ivermectin Day on twitter here

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