A playful yet serious clip from the July 12th event with my home town. There are reasons we should be very alert and strike the global predators hard, as we approach the fall and winter ahead.

Many are calling this the “summer of fun.” With no muzzles, lock-downs, or forced injection mandates, people feel like the crisis is over; it is time to enjoy our freedom and the good weather. However, there are many reasons for caution and intensified activism. Blended with some jokes and laughter, here is a 20 minute clip in which I discuss various geopolitical and biologic reasons to both intensify our fight and brace for impact.

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Geopolitical concerns:

IHR The International Health Regulations Amendments 

Pandemic Preparedness treaty 

“Agile” licensing of novel therapeutics  

Suppression of natural health products (one, two)

Pedo-king Charles telegraphing climate based tyranny  

More genetic “vaccines” planned  

Biologic Concerns:

Synergistic Bioweapons  

Antibody Mediated Selection: Dr Trozzi and Dr Paul Alexander 

Antibody Dependent Enhancement  

Bancroft: Check out No More Lockdowns Bancroft on FaceBook (NoMoreLockdownsBancroft). They meet on Wednesday evenings, continue this fight, and also face new health threats from 5G in the Bancroft region and excess EMF levels in local playgrounds.

Other clips from this July 12th, 2023 event in Apsley Ontario

The post Eyes Wide Open first appeared on Dr Mark Trozzi.

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