These crazy arch-criminals are serious!

If anyone thinks that some of us have over-reacted, by risking everything we have, and working around the clock, fighting a perceived war that threatens all of us and future generations; here is 2 minutes in 2016 from Klaus Schwab, the head of the World Economic Forum, the puppet master of Trudeau, Freeland and many like them, and the architect of “The Great Reset” that they are currently imposing globally. These people are crazy but also very rich and serious!

On June 2 2022, I will be co-hosting an international panel of experts to rethink and redirect our future away from trans-humanism and digital enslavement. The event is sold out, but virtual attendance is very affordable and we enocurage viewing parties where all your friends watch for the price of one.

For details about the entire June 2 – 4 Better Way Conference including three global experts panels that I am co-hosting. Virtual tickets are still available, very affordable, and give immediate access to playback, so it can suit you and your groups schedules.

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