Outrageously maliscious! The SV40 sequence promotes cancer, and permanent genetic modification through migration of the injected DNA into human cell nuclei

On April 22nd, we first shared news of the discovery of large amounts of dangerous DNA and plasmids in the supposedly ‘RNA” shots. This continues to be a massive issue, and requires more attention. Here is truth-telling world-class scientist Professor Murakami, of Tokyo University in Japan, weighing in on the topic.

Professor Murakami expresses concerns over the alarming discovery of Simian Virus 40 (SV40) promoters, associated with human cancer development, in DNA plasmids within Pfizer vials.

Japanese Professor Murakami of Tokyo University expresses concerns over the alarming discovery of Simian Virus 40 (SV40) promoters, associated with human cancer development, in Pfizer vials:

“The Pfizer vaccine has a staggering problem. I have made an amazing finding. This figure is an enlarged view of Pfizer’s vaccine sequence. As you can see, the Pfizer vaccine sequence contains part of the SV40 sequence here. This sequence is known as a promoter. Roughly speaking, the promoter causes increased expression of the gene. The problem is that the sequence is present in a well-known carcinogenic virus.

The question is why such a sequence that is derived from a cancer virus is present in Pfizer’s vaccine. There should be absolutely no need for such a carcinogenic virus sequence in the vaccine. This sequence is totally unnecessary for producing the mRNA vaccine. It is a problem that such a sequence is solidly contained in the vaccine. This is not the only problem. If a sequence like this is present in the DNA, the DNA is easily migrated to the nucleus.

So it means that the DNA can easily enter the genome. This is such an alarming problem. It is essential to remove the sequence. However, Pfizer produced the vaccine without removing the sequence. That is outrageously malicious. This kind of promoter sequence is completely unnecessary for the production of the mRNA vaccine. In fact, SV40 is a promoter of cancer viruses.”

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