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The world is being deceived by extremely corrupt media, that is owned by criminals who use it for their plans of submitting all of humanity to their tyranny. 

It’s time to build new media platforms,
that will heal the world, with truth and hope.

David Sorensen built Stop World Control as a unique international platform for the voice of truth. After laying a great foundation, he became exhausted, because he created this entire website, with the quality videos and in depth reports, all alone. 

Now it’s time to go to the next level of worldwide awakening and hire skilled staff: video producers, translators, editors, researchers etc.

If you value what Stop World Control is doing, then please help David get the funds to hire skilled experts, to reveal the life saving truth that humanity so desperately  needs, to defeat the plans of the wicked. 

Thank you so much!

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Never before in history was there such a gobal attack on humanity. Trillionaires are able to buy everything and everyone. We need your support to be able to fight back and spread life saving truth to the world. Please be generous. If you can, please support us monthly, since our fight is ONGOING. Thank you so much. Together we can build a better world and a bright future.

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The assault on human freedom is very real, and we need all the support to fight back and defend the lives of millions worldwide. Your generous support is priceless and literally saves precious lives. Thank you so much!

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Your monthly support allows us to reach millions of people worldwide with the truth. It’s a small investment for you, but the impact is priceless. Thank you so much!



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