In this video, An Alberta doctor calls out the bullshit and makes it very clear that every single thing about this pandemic has been a lie. It is time for you to share this video on every social media network you have.

Finally a TOP DOCTOR gets as mad as me at the RIDICULOUSNESS of what is going on by our governments using the media to brainwash people into submission.

He makes it crystal clear that EVERYTHING that has been said about this “pandemic” IS A LIE!

What are his credentials?

He is a virologist/pathologist, CEO of a lab that diagnoses illness, he was on the board of physicians TRAINING new doctors, so that new doctors answered to his standards, and much, much more.
Listen to the truth and get it through your thick skulls that the government HAS BEEN LYING TO YOU FROM THE OUTSET.


First, accept that this doctor is not alone:

Then understand that is not just a few doctors, it is in the hundreds of thousands now:

Here are some facts.

  1. These “vaccines, are not “vaccines” in the traditional sense, and they ARE IN TRIALS. YOU ARE THE GIUNEA PIG.
  2. Our politicians, doctors, and celebrities pushing these are breaking the Nuremburg codes. Read up , and ask if even one of these sound like they are being violated. Think politicians first, because they are war criminals.  Then understand that these codes are international law. They super cede the laws of each individual country and were put in place to stop uninformed medical experiments  from ever being done on a mass scale again. Apparently, our politicians don’t know how to read. They are criminals or as the elites like to say”useful idiots”.
  3. The PCR test has just been pulled from the CDC and WHO because they have admitted that these tests are not able to tell the difference between Covid 19 and Influenza. They are to be phased out by December 31, 2021. Meaning the case numbers you still hear about have been and will continue to be FALSE from the beginning of this pandemic. Since there are no excess deaths in any Country in the world in 2020, the only thing they had to justify their measures was a tool not even designed for this job. Do you really think that the medical governing agencies did not know this from the beginning?  But it is much worse than that. Karry Mullis is the inventor of the PCR tests, and won a Nobel Peace Prize for it, and he has said, that this tool WAS NEVER MEANT TO DIAGNOSE ILLNESS. It was meant tp magnify viral fragments to investigate them not to determine what virus it was.  What tools have they been using to diagnose the case numbers? PCR tests. They are still using them to push the most recent mask mandates reinstated in Kelowna, BC just a few days ago.  These are the same tests used to push the fear campaign across the world. They have been false from the beginning.  STOP GETTING TESTED PERIOD.
  4. There are multiple lawsuits in every country in the world that will lead to criminal prosecution of parties involved, and names in these law suits include:

Justin Trudeau
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
House of Windsor
Just to name a few.
5.  The media has reported NOTHING EXCEPT WHAT OUR GOVERNMENT HAS PUSHED. This is a one sided PROPAGANDA MACHINE.  The doctor in this video just begins to touch on this, but for those 0f us that have investigated this daily since the beginning, it is crystal clear what is going on, and it all comes back to the United Nations Agenda 21, 2030, and 2050, all on sustainability. The WHO, and the United Nations, and many other parties financing this, believe the world is overpopulated, and have initiated a population reduction program that consists of sterilizing our youth, eliminating the sick and elderly, and reducing our life expectancy to 65. You will not see this for many decades, because the life expectancy we see now, is a result of the last 85 years, starting from 85 years ago. There is a delayed reaction in these types of statistics. Any statistician will be able to confirm what I am saying.
The mass censorship, threatening, bullying, vaccine passports, quarantine hotels, and all other activities have all been based on fraudulent PCR tests, a tool that was never meant for diagnosing illness, and the governing agencies were aware of this the whole time. Our government officials are NOW OFFICIALLY WAR CRIMINALS THAT ACTED AGAINST THE PEOPLE KNOWINGLY!

I have been saying this for over a year, and I will say it again, and again, and again, until ENOUGH CANADIANS, realize the fraud that has committed, and follow the solution to get out.

What is it?

  • 100% refusal to test.
  • 100% refusal to vaccine
  • 100% refusal to quarantine hotels
  • 100% refusal to vaccine passports
  • 100% refusal to masks
  • 100% refusal to close your business
  • 100% refusal to make your workers wear masks
  • 100% refusal to “UNPROVEN” health orders

They are all unproven. Everything above is being challenged in court, and the crown has not produced any evidence that any of these measures do one little bit towards curbing a pandemic.

IN fact, there is no evidence other than the media that there is, or ever was a pandemic in relation to any existing world illness in 2019, 2020, or 2021. This is an infodemic, a propagandademic, a politicaldemic, an antisciencedemic.


Stop burying your head in the sand and saying that you follow science. The only science you are following is koolaid. The koolaid your government officials through the media have used to scare you stupid. Too stupid to stop and question things. Too stupid to challenge the narrative. So stupid that when presented with overwhelming evidence like that which I have lied before you today, that you reject even exploring it.

If you ever want the world to be the best it can be, it starts with HELPING US BRING OUR GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS CRIMES TO THE LIGHT, and get them convicted in the courts. There is evidence, they are just getting away with it on mass population brainwashing

Justin Trudeau is the only sitting Prime Minister that has been convicted of Ethics violations that remains our Prime Minister, and has created 4 additional scandals, that have all been brushed under the carpet.

We are offically in a dictatorship, and not a democracy. So is Venezuala that was the third richest nation in the west 20 years ago that was brought down in the EXACT SAME WAY

This is funded by Geoge Soros, Bill & Melinda Gates foundation, WH0, and the Gavi Alliance, which is all tied to Bill Gates.

Bill Gates father was the most infamous Eugenicist of the 21’st century, and his son is picking up his legacy.
Make no mistake about it. We are in World War 3, and barely a gun has been raised thus far. That is why the governments of the world are going after your guns in gun reform laws, under the disguise of “your personal safety”.
The families behind this, have been starting wars, crashing banks, collapsing economies for hundreds of years, passing their legacy on to their descendants, to maintain complete control over the world population.
They always lose in the end, but never pay the price.

This time, we must all UNITE, AND STAND TOGETHER, and make them pay. Mel Gibson has been warning us for 30 years, and is about to release a movie that they are trying to stop that explains it all. The Rothchilds. If Mel Gibson dies of suicide, let me tell you that he is just another suicide in a long run of suicides over the past 3 years, as this agenda is really coming to light for people all over the world.  I know I went deep on this, but Covid 19, is a small cog in a wheel of misfortune for humanity, and all planned a long time ago.

If you do not join the fight, here is what is coming next. But before I warn you, I will let you know a few things first.
1. I was called a conspiracy theorist when I brought up there was going to be a massive campaign to vaccinate everyone in the world about this. I am going to put this video right here from 2009. You better watch it too.

I was called a conspiracy theorist when I called the vaccine passports. I was called a conspiracy theorist when I called the roadcheck points provincally, and interprovincially. I am getting tired of your head buried in the sand, so here are my next predictions that will come true, if EACH AND EVERY CANADIAN DOESNT PULL THEIR HEAD OUT OF THE SAND AND JOIN THIS FIGHT.

1. Massive rises in cancers, and inflammation illnesses in the vaccinated in the next several years.
2. Global supply shutdowns, and food shortages worldwide, not because there is not enough food, but because the people running this have bought a large percentage of farmland up in North America. Did you know that Bill Gates is the largest farm land owner in the United States? FACT.
3. Once the progaganda wears off on Covid, the next crisis will be climate lockdowns. They got you use to accepting lockdowns as a way of treating “fake pandemics”, now they will use then for “fake climate crisis”. Yes, the climate crisis is fake. The planet is going through cycles, and always has, and always will. Humans make up for 3% of the carbon in our atmosphere only. We are a big nothing burger in the grand scheme of things, and the planet sorts itself out. Remember Al Gore’s inconvenient truth? Well it is really inconvenient now, that we are still alive to remind you that climate modelling in the 90’s said that Florida is supposed to be under water now. Do you know where the sea levels are? The exact same place they where 30 years ago. It is another measure of fear and control that guilty have been using against us for years. Did you know that 6% of the Sahara desert is know growing green vegetation? Nope, you probably didn’t. The world is fine. It is another propaganda lie. The world’s temperature changes are based on sun cycles, and the real scientists know that. Again, the scientists that push global warming as a human problem are just like the news outlets bought and paid for to run an agenda on you.

It is time you all start living, and shut off your tvs, devices if you don’t need them, and/or keep them for work, and dial out the propaganda.

The human race is resilient. We will win. But this time, maybe, we have the greatest opportunity in the world by not stopping our fight to FINALLY HOLD THESE CRIMINALS TO ACCOUNT.

Are you going to keep on being a news idiot?

Are you going to keep on drinking the koolaid with your head in the sand, thinking that the government would never do this to you?

Are you going to stay silent on the fence, because you are too scared to speak out even though you know something is wrong?

Are you going to blame the unvaccinated for everything your corrupt government is doing to all of us?

When people fear the government you have tyranny, and when the government fears the people you have liberty.
Man up people. It is time to take our Countries back. It is time for our politicians, puppet masters, elites, committing these crimes are led gracefully, or forcibly to the gallows. It is our duty to protect the women, children, and citizens of our countries against the tyranny of our governments. It is time to rise people. Get mad. Direct it where it belongs. AT OUR CRIMINAL GOVERNMENT, WHO, CDC, BILL AND MELINDA GATES FOUNDATION, GAVI ALLIANCE, AND THE MEDICAL DICTATORSHIP THAT HAS TAKEN OVER OUR PLANET.

We are sovereign human beings with god given rights to access the necessities of life without interference from any governing agency. The only power they have to order you to do something against your god given born human rights are the ones you surrender in the “guise of personal safety.” Live is not safe. You take risks every time you leave your house. Man up, and let the government know now, or forever shut your fucking trap, that we, the people, do not need their meddling in our business, work, or personal health, and if we do need their help, we will let them know.

This is a calling of all of humanity to wake the fuck up to the crimes being perpetraited against us. The writing is on the wall. The evidence is abundant, just on this post let alone the hundreds of hours of footage of doctors, scientists and lawyers on

Ignorance at this point is a choice. Stand up with us, or get the fuck out of our way. The people are coming to make these criminals pay.

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