The Great Professor Dr Sucharit Bhakdi Weighs In on Reverse Transcription and DNA Plasmids + “Why We Must Unite Behind Prof Bhakdi on the 23rd of May!” – WCH

“Sucharit explains in relatively lay language how persistent production of SP can be caused from reverse transcription, as well as ongoing production of bacterial proteins from the plasmids used in manufacturing of the ‘vaccine’, and the pathogenesis of turbo cancers.”    

“Bottom line: all the billions of the vaxxed may have been genetically modified forever as well as all their future progeny. “May have” means that an independent hyper-urgent investigation must be undertaken…This is extraordinarily worrying. – Dr Roger Hodkinson.

Here is Professor Bhakdi’s most recent warning to the world, an update on the WEF-infested German Attorney General’s office trying imprison him for risking his life to warn us.

The Dire Cancer Risks of Foreign Genes – Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi 2 minutes:

Full Interview: Dr Bhakdi’s warning to the World with Dr Meryl Nass and Dr Michael Palmer on Good Morning CHD May 11, 2023

The WEF-infested German Attorney General’s office is trying imprison Professor Bhakdi for risking his life to warn us. They are accusing this most peaceful man of “hate speech”. It’s a farce and a mockery of justice! He should be receiving awards. Let’s please begin by expressing our thanks to Professor Bhakdi, and praying for his well being and vindication

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