A 4 minute explanation of why the heart is one organ most often damaged by covid-19 biologic weapons injections. This and more from Dr Peter McCullough, Dr Geert VandenBossche, and Del Bigtree.

Why are covid-19 biological weapons injections so effective at destroying the hearts of even young people?

The so-called covid-19 “vaccines” distribute throughout the entire body and many organs are damaged. The heart is one of the most common organs seriously damaged; this has resulted in vast numbers of deaths and injuries, including heart attacks, ruptured aortas, myocarditis, and cardiac arrhythmia.

Speaking with Dr Geert VandenBossche and Del BigTree, Dr Peter McCullough gave this 4 minute explanation as to why the covid injections are especially effective at causing heart damage.

Dr. McCullough Explains Why the Heart Is the Organ Most Frequently Damaged by COVID-19 Vaccines

Here is the complete discussion:


The Highwire wrote: Two of the most prolific doctors speaking out against the dangers of the COVID-19 vaccines, Dr. Peter McCullough and Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche, join Del in studio to discuss how the mass vaccination program created a global petri dish, the dangers new variants pose on the vaccinated as well as the unvaccinated, as well as how to protect yourself for future COVID outbreaks. Dr. McCullough also discusses the increasing concern over COVID-19 Vaccine related myocarditis, and why we are seeing so many young, healthy people suffering with heart or blood clotting issues.

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