University of McGill’s partnership with Moderna demonstrates the reckless, dangerous and negligent roll out of the covid-19 genetic injections.

We can not trust Big Pharma, academia, or regulatory agencies.

Dr Bridle warned 2 years ago that bio-distribution studies on lipid nanoparticles with genetic payloads must absolutely be completed in animal studies, before considering even limited experimental administration to humans. I warned you that pegylated lipid nanoparticles are known to cross all bodily barriers and distribute to all tissues. While attacking us for warning you, the fascist union of big pharma and corrupt governments approved this experiment for humans,  claimed it was safe and effective, and coerced it into more than half of the world’s population. They are still pushing to inject everyone, over and over.

Good scientists, doctors, nurses and others continue being attacked for raising concerns and warning the public. Record numbers of people have died around the world and many more are injured. Bio-distribution studies out of Japan and elsewhere have demonstrated dangerous extensive bio-distribution. Yet while we continue under siege and fighting for the people, scientific prostitutes line up for millions of dollars to “study” the bio-distribution now. They can not be trusted. God knows what ridiculous conclusions they may claim to further the globalist agenda for monopoly power over global health

Life SIte News wrote: Canada’s canceled frontline doctors are true medical heroes for speaking the truth about COVID-19 and effective treatments of the virus. Now vaccinologist expert Dr. Byram Bridle has an urgent message to share with the world: the medical community, governments, and pharmaceutical companies lied about the quantity of the lipid nanoparticles in each dose of the vaccine and the hazards for those injected in its global COVID-19 injection program. Watch now as Dr. Bridle exposes the big pharmaceutical industry in this exclusive presentation to LifeSiteNews, explains how ‘warp speed’ vaccines are not safe for those injected, and how the world continues to be at risk from the medical establishment.

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