Before you say some dumb ass thing, like I follow science, I would challenge you to follow science & COMMON SENSE.  Here are some “scientific facts”.  They are irrefutable, and so is your cognitive dissonance if you keep on allowing yourself to be deceived to epic proportions.  Do you know how many people are waking up?  MILLIONS DAILY.  We are now likely at 25% of the worlds population.   Your continued blindness of simple math, simple science, thousands of doctors BESIDES THESE TV doctors, all screaming out to you, that THERE IS NO PANDEMIC, is nothing short of delusion.

Yes.  If you are scared of this bug, and continue to follow the UNLAWFUL restrictions our government has imposed on you, you are DELUSIONAL.

Your cognitive dissonance that you keep on accusing our side of having, is so high, that you are completely and utterly confused by the fear propaganda machine that has been unleashed on you.  This video is perspective.  If you want more… simply click on the menu link above for videos.  If you want more than that, YOU SHOULD GET ACCESS TO OUR EVIDENCE FILES by registering on our site.  Its free.  Its eye opening.  Its real.  So go ahead and watch this video, and choose to open your eyes.  It will free you from the shackles the government is trying to put on you.

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