You are the cornerstone of our Country.  You are the people that we expect to keep law and order.  To keep criminals from breaking into our homes and robbing us.  To stop violent domestic abuse.  To arrest pedophiles that have a sick desire to hurt our future generations.

Why did you become a police officer?  Was it truly to serve and protect?  If that is you.  Great.  You are one of us.  You are one of the good guys.  

I still believe that the OVERWHELMING majority of our population are FANTASTIC people.  That is not just in Canada, but everywhere in the world.  How about you?  Where do you stand?  Are you one of the good guys?  Do you love your job because it puts a smile on your face when you helped someone that really needed you?

Or are you a person that thrives on the rush of power that your job gives you?

If you are the latter.  I feel sorry for you.   You will never be connected, like good people connect.   You will always be an outsider and only relate to other people like you, but you still will not be able to connect.  You lack empathy for people, and you probably chose the wrong profession.

However, it is to be expected that every profession has good people and bad people.  Its just your job gives you an illusion of authority over the people.  You do not have authority over us.  You are here to serve us.  You are here to protect us, and bring justice to the people that are harming the good people of Canada.

If you are following orders, but your boss is corrupt, you are indeed losing your way.  If you keep on following your orders because you are afraid to speak out, or losing your job is something you just cannot afford to do, here is some food for thought.

Do you know what you really cannot afford to do?  

Sit idly by while criminals keep on perpetrating crimes against the citizens of this Country.  Allowing the descent of our Country into authoritarian police state control.   While that sounds good to those who are in this for the power rush, it won’t be good for their children.  It won’t be good for the citizens.  And in the end it won’t be good for you.

You are being used as a pawn in a chess game.  And when you are done doing your part, you are dispensable just like the rest of us are.  Drones in the future will replace you.  This is after we are all taught to behave and stay indoors, and obey curfews, and shop where we are allowed to shop, when we are allowed to shop.  What happens when we get this far?  Have you thought it out?  The need for police will diminish.  They have subdued the population.  You will be replaced with drones that can float around and watch, track, and alert a central control command that someone is disobeying the rules.  And if you can really let your head out of your ass for moment and grasp this, you might understand that these drones can be armed.  Armed to shoot down civilians in the street.  What the hell do they need you for?  You become one of the herded sheep that you helped to create.   So, instead of focusing on the citizens of this country doing everyday ordinary things, that are now becoming crimes, like walking out on the street past 8 o’clock, I would suggest you turn your attention to the real criminals.

Who are the criminals?  Well, I guess that is your job to find out.

I can certainly tell you who it is not.

  • It is not kids playing hockey on a frozen pond in Calgary.
  • It is not citizens going to church.
  • It is not pastors keeping their doors open for service.
  • It is not the small business owners trying to feed their families
  • It is not the people having a gathering of friends at their place being social.
  • It is not the people not complying with unlawful bylaws based on ridiculous forecasts of “what could happen”.

When did we start policing people on what could happen?

It started when the government started their fear propaganda machine.

Now look.  We have reached a crossroads in history.  Not just here, but everywhere.  It is a crossroads of time, where we as each individual need to look deep within ourselves to decide who we really want to be.  And once you make that choice, pick that side and commit to it.

So if you want to be a police officer that likes the power your job gives you, then be that police officer.  You might as well come to the realization that your boss is going to tell you to shoot down the citizens of this country when they stop obeying these unlawful orders.  So if you pick your side, you might as well just start shooting people now.  Go ahead.  How does that sit with you?  If it doesn’t sit well with you, good, you are on the right side.  If it does, well, I am sorry for you, your wife, your kids, and anyone that knows you.

So what do we do now that we are at these crossroads?

Well one thing I would do no matter what side of the fence you are on here, is to share this post with your fellow officers.  See where they stand.  My guess is that like most humans, most of you are going to stand on the right side.  And if this is the case, here is what you do.  You stop enforcing laws regardless of the threats of employment hanging over your head.  But you don’t do it alone.  You form alliances with your friends that are on the good side too.  You stand strong, proud, and you say enough is enough and you stop obeying the instructions coming down the pipe.  In fact, if you really want to get brave, you get enough of you to say, you know what?  Our oath is to serve and protect, so if we are getting orders from above, that are against the Charter of Rights in Canada for a virus that has a survival rate of 99.5% or higher, then we need to look at arresting the people where the orders come from.

I know this sounds hard.  Life is hard.  Choices are hard.  But arresting kids on a duck pond, or fining people for going to church is ludicrous.  You must see this.  I know you do.  So stop complying.  Do your job the way you used to.  And if anyone tells you to do these things, you tell them to fuck off.  You tell them, you took an oath to protect and serve, and if you are told to do otherwise, you will in turn arrest them.  If they fire you, sue them.  There is no pandemic.  There is no scientific evidence that can be proven in court that there is one.

You are on the right side when you stand with us.

If you fall on the wrong side, I only promise a bad outcome for everyone.   The only people that win here, is the people at the very top that are sending these very corrupt orders down the line.

Great police of Canada.  It is time for you to turn your sights on them.  If you don’t take them down, WE the CANADIAN CITIZENS WILL.

Have you seen what is happening in other places in the world?

Y0u have the opportunity to set an example of what GREAT POLICE OFFICERS DO.  Great police officers are guided by conscience, faith, love, and perspective of humanity.  Be the leaders that other Countries have always bragged about us.  We have had a reputation worldwide of having one of the best police forces on the planet.  What makes a good police force?  One that protects and serves.  What makes a bad one?  One that oppresses its people.

If history has taught you anything, you should know that you can oppress people for sometime, but we will always rise up.  It’s happening.  You can see it.  You can feel it.

What side do you want to be on?  The side of humanity, or the side of the Wicked?

Pick.  It’s time.

Please share this post far and wide, and let the good forces of nature bring the spirit to the brave police officers of our Country to do the right thing.