The division within the freedom movement is the biggest threat to our democracy. The globalists have figured out that the majority of people are onto them, so they are using psych ops to infiltrate the movement. And the worst part is, that people that are on our side, are turning on others and becoming the useful idiots that we despise so much. Don’t be an idiot, and fall for divisive rhetoric. Stick to the real enemy. Our terroristic government and their medal cabal.  When you see freedom fighters bashing other freedom fighters, stop following them.  It does not mean they are controlled opposition.  It means they are useful idiots falling for propaganda, just like the innocent non suspecting people that took the jabs.  The have clearly orchestrated a good spin on everything that comes out against the agenda.  However, what they are really scared about is the underlying non compliance that is building up underneath, which ultimately the only real tangible thing we have to beat this agenda.  It is the clear path.  Division is the clear path to failure.  Don’t fall for it!

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