Please cut and paste this letter into a text or word document editor and make the words your own as best as you can.  The key points should be left in.  Then email every single Liberal and NDP MP in Canada with your edited version.

Dear insertfirstname and last name here,

As a concerned citizen in this Country that is fed up with the corruption of the Liberal Party of Canada, and the recent coalition with the NDP, I can assure you that I will never vote NDP again.  Your seat in parliament is going to end if you continue your affiliation with this party.

There have been 6 scandals with our Crime Minister, none of which he seems to ever be held accountable.  Therefore, I am holding you accountable for supporting this party.

Here is what has me the most displeased:

  • mandatory vaccinations were encouraged across the country in federal, provincial, and private workplaces that violated our Charter of Rights, Bill of Rights, and the Nuremburg codes.
  • travel restrictions still in place
  • the closures of businesses even though the Great Barrington Declaration has been out for more than 2 years indicating there was 0 science for these actions.  (Well over 50,000 doctors have signed this)
  • The excessive use of power in evoking the emergency measures act in a lawful assembly that a superior court judge of Canada deemed lawful.
  • 6 political scandals with the most corrupt Prime Minister in Canadian history.
  • Bill c-11, and other bills like it.
  • The ties to the WEF
  • The 1.6 Billion tax dollars that went into a fear propaganda machine against Canadian citizens to take an experimental MRNA gene therapy,  that has a negative efficacy rate.
  • The lack of debate on the harm of these “so called vaccines” where doctors all  over the world are being silenced, censored, or ridiculed for revealing true scientific data on the results of these jabs.
  • VAERS data being suppressed and lied about

I could go on a lot longer but I think you get the picture.

My whole family is fed up with the Liberals, and the NDP.  When I voted NDP, I did not vote for this idiot in power.  I do not support his ideologies, therefore, I do not support you.

I am writing you to END this NDP/Liberal coalition.   You can do this simply by crossing over to the Conservative party.  There is a massive campaign to end this coalition, and I can assure you that if you do not crossover, your political career is dead.

As I speak, a group of over 10 Million Canadians are campaigning to make this happen in more ways than you can imagine, and your ties to your party are going to be the end of your career.  This campaign is being run by over 30 of the largest civil rights movement groups in Canada.  After we break up this coalition, we will be forcing criminal investigations on all people involved and many WILL lead to indictments.

Spare yourself and crossover now and you will be left out of this investigation.

Continue down this path, and we, the people, will at minimum end your career in politics.  At maximum, be put in prison for supporting criminal actions by the Liberal Party and the NDP coaliti0n.

Your response to this email is expected.  If I do not receive a response, we will continue on our campaign to end your career and this coalition with or without your support.


A fed up Canadian citizen.

PS.  We, the people, hold the power, and you work for us.   Do your job or pay the consequences.

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