In just 10 days our MP’s across the country are going to vote on bringing down the travel restrictions.  Below the video is a link to the contact information of all the MP’s in the country.  Email all of them.  Just make one email and copy and paste this email to each MP separately.  This will send the message to our MP’s that we will not accept this.  It may save lives for people that are going to still get vaxxed so that they can begin to travel again.  My best friends daughter is doing a trip in one month and even though she is fully aware of everything, she is at the age of no idea of delayed gratification.  She will get vaxxed to go on this trip if that is what is required.  Help your fellow Canadians by taking action today to remove these travel restrictions.  They are unlawful, unscientific, and the government has already admitted it is purely to increase vaccinations.  This is a violation of the Nuremburg codes.

Here is the link to the list of MP’s email addresses AND the pfizer documents to include as an attachment.  Email every single one of these MP’s and DEMAND their vote to remove all travel restrictions.


Here is the link to one of the biggest events coming to 3 provinces simultaneously very soon:

Here is a link to my 2 cents on the WHO Pandemic Treaty:  Language Warning:


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