When your school board meetings start turning off mics and shutting off dissenting voices, this is an extension of everything that is going wrong in this Country.  Our politicians are not listening.  Our medical institutions are not listening.  Our school boards are not listening.  Nobody is listening to the people that fund their jobs.  When this happens, it is time to remove these people from their positions.  She turned off the mics to try and stop it from becoming public record.  But here it is.  It is now public record.  We demand the immediate resignation of Willow Reichelt (hopefully got the spelling right) from the Chilliwack school board.  Contact her, and the school board to explain this is now how we want a person to behave in these meetings that are open to the public.  Then go to the protest this Thursday, froni 2:20 pm onwards protesting Sogi123, and the sexually explicit material being taught in our schools.  If. youare elsewhere in Canada, talk to your children about all the books in class, assignments, and start investigating sogi 123.  It is a wolf in sheeps clothing coming after your children.  Where it leads is gender dysmorphia, depression, and suicide of our beloved children of this country.  We are in a war against our government who for the past 3 years has been terrorizing our country with a fake pandemic (see mountains of evidence on this website), and our children with sexually graphic, explicit content, complete with masturbation assignments.

Attend this protest at Chilliwack Senior Secondary from 2:00 pm onwards.

46363 Yale Rd, Chilliwack B.C.

In other news in this video, I release the Ghislaine Maxwell court documents including the names of the flight list.  This is 100% verified court documents complete of the trial of Ghislaine Maxwell.  2024 pages of court transcripts with names.  It is a lot to review.  Enjoy!

Download Court Transcripts Here

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