Dr Trozzi with the New American on the sidelines of the Better Way Conference 2023

Thanks to Veronika Krylenko and her team for holding many important interviews on the sidelines of the Better Way Conference 2023, including this one. Today we have a big-picture, solutions-dense, 16 minute interview to share; about which the New American wrote:

Covid policies and mandates unleashed on the world constitute crimes against humanity. Yet those are only a single aspect of the global attack on individual health, freedom, and sovereignty, says Dr. Mark Trozzi of the World Council for Health.

In this interview with The New American, Dr. Trozzi describes how Covid policies, particularly vaccination program and introduction of Covid passes, parallel historic atrocities of Nazis, and how the WCH is working to prevent them from ever happening again. There are other alarming totalitarian and deeply inhumane agendas that are being pushed on people, such as CBDC, 15-minute cities, fake foods, transhumanism, and more. Luckily, there is a better way, as detailed by the doctor.

Thanks to Veronika Krylenko and The New American for this conversation which took place at the Better Way Conference in Bath, U.K. organized by the World Council for Health on June 2-4.

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