Broadway Will Require Proof of Vaccination, Masks to Attend Performances

Newsweek reported:

The Broadway League has announced Friday that in order to enjoy a Broadway production, all attending audience members will need to be fully vaccinated, show proof of vaccination and wear masks during the shows.

The announcement read: “Under the policy, guests will need to be fully vaccinated with an FDA or WHO authorized vaccine in order to attend a show and must show proof of vaccination at their time of entry into the theatre with their valid ticket.”

The announcement specified that being fully vaccinated means “the performance date must be at least 14 days after the second dose of a two-dose COVID-19 vaccine, or at least 14 days after a single-dose COVID-19 vaccine.”

Biden Makes It Official: Federal Workers Must Get Vaccine or Submit to Regular Testing — Postal Union, Others Already Pushing Back

The Defender reported:

As anticipated, President Biden on Thursday announced all civilian federal employees and contractors will be required to show proof of vaccination against COVID, or submit to regular COVID testing, wear masks and socially distance.

Biden also called on state and local governments to use COVID relief funds to give $100 to people who get vaccinated.

In a statement released by the White House, the administration said the new rules were issued because of the Delta variant, and because unvaccinated people present a problem to themselves, their families and co-workers.

Biden’s Coercive ‘Vaccinate or Face Testing’ Plan for Federal Workers Tramples Rights, Violates Nuremberg Code

The Defender reported:

Children’s Health Defense (CHD), in response to today’s anticipated announcement that all federal employees and contractors must either take the COVID vaccine or be subjected to routine COVID testing, said the action violates the U.S. Constitution and the Nuremberg Code, which clearly states that informed consent is essential in medical experimentation.

As short-term complications from COVID vaccines are just now being reported and aren’t yet fully understood, and long-term outcomes won’t be known for years, it’s impossible to provide actual informed consent.

White House Won’t Rule Out Future Lockdowns, School Closures if CDC Says So

Fox News reported:

White House principal deputy press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said Thursday that the Biden administration will continue to “listen to the scientists” when it comes to potential future lockdowns and school closures.

During the daily White House press briefing, Fox News’ Peter Doocy asked Jean-Pierre why Americans should “trust” what the administration says when the official line has changed so much over the course of the coronavirus pandemic.

“President Biden says that we are not returning to lockdowns, shutdowns and school closures,” Doocy said, “but he also once said that we didn’t have to wear masks anymore once we were vaccinated. So why should Americans trust him now?”

Pilots May Hold Key to Mobilizing Against Military COVID Vaccine Mandate

The Defender Reported:

With the U.S. military announcing plans to mandate the COVID vaccine for all personnel, possibly by Sept. 1, many service members already enduring coercive restrictions for failing to take the “voluntary” vaccine, are concerned about their careers.

To date, 23% to 42% of military members, depending on the branch of service, have not taken the vaccine. The clinical trials for the three COVID vaccines being administered in the U.S. — Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson — are not scheduled to be completed until 2022 or 2023, when they would then be eligible for review and full licensing by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). However, President Biden could issue an executive order to impose a military mandate and waive FDA approval in the event of a health emergency.

Here Are the States Where Government Schools Can’t Force Your Kid to Wear a Mask

The Federalist reported:

Schools across the country closed their doors for months to fit the demands of anti-science and hypocritical teachers unions. President Joe Biden and his team in the White House repeatedly ignored scientific data that recommended students immediately return to classrooms to cater to these unions that held taxpayers hostage with demands unrelated to COVID-19.

Capitol Police Asked to Arrest the Maskless

The Hill reported:

Congressional aides and visitors to the House side of the Capitol will face arrest if they’re not wearing masks, the head of the U.S. Capitol Police announced this week.

In a Wednesday letter to his officer corps, Capitol Police Chief Thomas Manger ordered that they enforce the new mask guidelines across the Capitol complex. Those new rules, installed by the Capitol physician earlier in the week, include a mask mandate on the House side of the Capitol and all House office buildings.

Democrats Drag Nextdoor Into ‘Big Tech’ Disinfo Debate

Politico reported:

Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, all frequent targets of congressional scrutiny, heard from the Democrats this morning. But so did Nextdoor, a smaller site that connects locals living in the same neighborhood. In letters to the heads of all four companies, the lawmakers demanded details on how they’re investing in content moderation to tamp down on mis- and disinformation, including about vaccines.

“We urge you to release specific and clear data demonstrating the resources you currently devote to protect non-English speakers from misinformation, disinformation, and illegal content on your platform,” said the letter to Nextdoor CEO Sarah Friar. “Congress has a moral duty to ensure that all social media users have the same access to truthful and trustworthy content regardless of the language they speak at home or use to communicate online.” The lawmakers demanded a response by Aug. 13.

Will New Yorkers Need to Download Another Vaccine Passport App?

City & State NY reported:

As the COVID-19 Delta variant continues to contribute to rising cases across the state, both New York City and the state are taking new steps to promote vaccination and other means of protection from the spread of the virus. On Thursday, Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced that state employees would have to show proof of vaccination or submit to weekly tests. That came on the heels of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s announcement earlier in the week that all city workers would be required to do the same. At the same time, de Blasio encouraged private businesses to institute similar vaccination and testing mandates.

Amazon Hit With Record EU Data Privacy Fine

Reuters reported: Inc. has been hit with a record $886.6 million (746 million euros) European Union fine for processing personal data in violation of the bloc’s GDPR rules, as privacy regulators take a more aggressive position on enforcement.

The Luxembourg National Commission for Data Protection imposed the fine on Amazon in a July 16 decision, the company disclosed in a regulatory filing on Friday.

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