Another RCMP staffer has come forward with claims that Commissioner Brenda Lucki was letting political pressure influence her direction of the investigation into the 2020 mass killings in Nova Scotia.

The former head of communications for the Nova Scotia RCMP Lia Scanlan confirmed in an April 14, 2021 email that RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki attempted to interfere in the RCMP’s Nova Scotia mass shooting investigation to advance the Trudeau government’s gun control agenda.

Scanlan raised concerns in an email with Lucki, calling her conduct in a meeting with Nova Scotia RCMP representatives “appalling, unprofessional and extremely belittling.”

Scanlan specifically called out Lucki for operating based on political considerations set out by Public Safety Minister Bill Blair, to support the government’s gun control policies.

The email was released by the Mass Casualty Commission, which is investigating the massacre.

In a statement last week, Lucki apologized for her conduct in the meeting, but claims she did not improperly try to influence the investigation.

Scanlan claimed that Lucki demanded that the RCMP release the details of the firearm used in the shootings because of “the pressures and conversation with minister Blair.”

“I remember a feeling of disgust as I realized this was the catalyst for the conversation,” wrote Scanlan.

“I could not believe what you, the leader of our organization, was saying and I was embarrassed to be privy to what was unfolding. It was appalling, unprofessional and extremely belittling.”

The April 28, 2020 conference call where commissioner Lucki demanded the details of the firearms used in the massacre came just a week before prime minister Trudeau unveiled sweeping gun restrictions on May 4, 2020. 

At the time, the RCMP did not release the details of the firearms to the public to not compromise the RCMP’s effort to discover the weapon’s origin.

The allegations of corruption between the PMO and Lucki were revealed when the Mass Casualty Commission released handwritten meeting notes from Nova Scotia RCMP superintendent Darren Campbell.

No Liberal MPs have taken responsibility as Justin Trudeau, and Bill Blair denied any wrongdoing.

“I gave no direction as to what information they should communicate. Those are operational decisions of the RCMP, and I respect that and I have respected that,” said minister Blair in question period.

Conservative interim leader Candice Bergen said that she was disgusted by the allegations. Conservative MP Dane Lloyd suggested that commissioner Lucki should be fired if an investigation finds the allegations true. 

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