Concise important information about Bill C-47, and a July 26nd event featuring Dr Roger Hodkinson, Dr WIlliam Makis, Dr Julie Ponesse, and Glen Jung, with Dr Byram Bridle and myself attending.

Canadians face an eminent threat to our access to all natural products and services. This is happening at the same time as the government is liberalizing the ease with which the pharmacology industry can gain approval and dump dangerous new drugs and technologies upon us. That includes products like the misrepresented genetic covid-19 injections that have maimed and killed more people than any drug or medical intervention in history.

Here is some concise info that we all need in order to strategize against this attack on our health and rights. This includes short messages from each of Dr Makis, Dr Ponesse, Dr Hodkinson, Glen Jung and myself; plus additional resources including the complete Bill C-47, and the Trudeau government’s falsely benign presentation of it.

Dr Trozzi On Bill C-47, Canada’s Imminent Threat To All Natural Health Products

Glen Jung: The Attack on Natural Health Products – Toronto Event, July 26th

A Special Invite from Dr. Julie Ponesse

A Special Invite from Dr. Roger Hodkinson

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Bill C-47

The Government of Canada’s claims about bill C-47 present no threat to natural products and healthcare in Canada   Here is Bill C-47. Look to sections 500 to 504 where you will see the bill repeals the exception of natural products from the rigorous pharmacologic drugs licensing processes; and even calls for already on the market and even traditional health products to be subjected to the expensive drug licensing processes. This will mean the end of most natural supplements, health products and natural health services in Canada. Bill C-47 link and downloadable pdf

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