Prof David Anderson MD explains the profound role of vitamin D3 in our health, and why the predators of big pharma work so hard to suppress this knowledge

The science of vitamin D is complex and beautiful. This includes the sun powered generation of vitamin D1 in our skin ; it’s modification into vitamin D2 in our liver; further modification to become vitamin D3 in our kidneys and immune cells; its role in bone health; it’s sophisticated roles as a molecule used for communication between cells of both our innate and adaptive immune systems; and more. Its profound role in our immune sytems’ function is a threat to the corrupt pharmacology industry This is the reason these predators work hard to suppress this knowledge.

I recently read UK endocrinologist Professor David Anderson’s book titled “Vitamin D3 And The Great Biology Reset”. It is an excellent book of scientific and political insights. Professor David Anderson MD is calling for a Great Biology Reset to restore Vitamin D and natural immunity to the centre stage of medicine as an antidote to Big Pharma, which he says exploits Vitamin D-deficiency to make money.

On August 21 2023, Jemma Cooper, Christof Plothe DO and myself Mark Trozzi MD had the pleasure of co-hosting Professor Anderson’s presentation to the World Council For Health. Here is that presentation and Q and A.

Here is a valuable gift from Prof. Anderson and Dr Grimes: a free pdf of their book: Vitamin D3 And The Great Biology Reset.

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