Shame on Morris Brown College in the USA

It seems Morris Brown College is going to be the first freshly unrepentant University in 2023 to declare itself stupid, corrupt, and the enemy of all students and their families.

Please recommend to every student enrolled there: demand your tuition back, pool together into hefty lawsuits, get out of there, and go elsewhere for an education. You do not want to trust your mind or future to anyone who would impose something so stupid, corrupt, and harmful upon you.  

Parents rescue your kids from anti-intelligence indoctrination and injection centers like Morris Brown College, and any other institution that jumps on this big pharma genocidal bandwagon again.

Thanks Bright Light News, Glen Jung, Dr Cary Mullis, Dr Byrom Bridle, Dr Richard Urso, and the smart comments’ authors.

Anyone who promotes, mandates, or tries to enforce these facial barriers again, must be boldly shamed, for starters and at minimum.

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