This is a great video showing exactly how this is all orchestrated by our Corrupt Prime Minister who to date has been involved in 5 major scandals, and somehow has escaped prosecution, termination, and/or jail. If you don’t realize how deep we are in trouble with a Dictator at the helm that is not experiencing any accountability for crimes, you are a very naive person.

Governments historically, including the Canadian one, have turned on its own citizens. History does not lie. World War 2, where Japanese immigrants had their assets seized and then put into internment camps for the duration and +2 years of World War 2.

The native children popping up in grave sites all over Canada in the next year, were done from the collaboration of the Catholic Church, and The Government of Canada.

Governments turn on their people. Germany, Russia, United States, Canada, all have historical data saying so. What is so hard to believe that it could be happening right now. Especially given all the doctors that are speaking out against this, but are silenced by their governing boards, factchecked by conflict of interest companies, and threated to have their licences revoked for having a contrary opinion to the “TV DOCTORS”.