The focus is on Manitoba, supposedly the North American ‘hotspot’ for Covid cases, after Alberta was the hotspot, and before that BC. Now the Premier, Brian Pallister (who equated himself with God on May 25 when he proclaimed an 11th Commandment “Obey the health orders!”) is gearing up to introduce vaccine passports, which they are calling “immunization cards.” Regardless of what focus groups say is a better name to sell the idea to the public, they still violate the Canadian Charter.

Winnipeg Sun, Jun 8, 2021: Vaccination passports available to Manitobans after second shot

CTV News, Jan 8, 2021: Manitoba unveils immunization cards for fully vaccinated people

Correction: I misstated during the podcast, saying incorrectly that California had revised its death count down by 25%. In fact, it was Alameda County in California that revised its count, not the whole state.
IBT, Jun 7, 2021: ‘Clearly Not Caused By COVID-19’: California County Cuts Virus Death Count By 25%

CBC, Jun 9, 2021: Outdoor gatherings of up to 5 people allowed in Manitoba as of Saturday

Canadian Press via MSN, Jun 9, 2021: Vaccine lottery: Manitobans eligible for cash, scholarships if they get a COVID shot

CBC, Jun 9, 2021: Winnipeg teen among 4 COVID-19 deaths as Manitoba reports 250 new cases

Youtube, May 25, 2021: Pallister’s 11th commandment

The Counter Signal, May 28, 2021: EXCLUSIVE: Manitoba pastor in hiding after warrant issued

Global News via MSN, Jun 8, 2021: Liberals, Bloc vote to end Bill C-10 study amid social media free speech concerns

The Counter Signal, May 19, 2021: Calgary Police Chief: Protests aren’t unlawful – only anti-lockdown ones are

CTV, Jun 9, 2021: Alberta’s Stage 3 timeline unclear as demand for first dose diminishes: Kenney

660 City News, Jun 7, 2021: Kenney ‘regrets perception’ of, apologizes for Sky Palace dinner

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