This week’s episode of “Community Corner” featured an interview with Attorney Ray Flores II, a health freedom and civil rights attorney.

College students across the nation are facing challenging decisions as they approach the first day of school in a few short weeks. Nearly 500 universities and colleges in the U.S. are now mandating the COVID-19 vaccine.

Some universities and colleges are accepting religious or medical exemptions, but for those students who receive exemptions, schools are imposing punitive, discriminatory policies such as weekly testing, social distancing and mask requirements.

This week’s discussion centered around what’s happening across the country with college mandates, the legal battles ahead and the different actions students can take to push back against mandates or related discrimination and segregation.

Flores shared his thoughts on students facing these difficult decisions:

“…it’s really a matter of making your own choice for yourself, to really look inside yourself to make a decision not only logically, but also intuitively to decide what it is that’s going to be right for you.”

He also shared his thoughts on how “all this madness ends”:

“…what I see is four more years, or six more years even of tough living. And I see a wind blowing, but I don’t know from what direction it’s coming. All I can tell anybody is to make sure when the wind blows, from whatever direction it comes, that you stand strong.”

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Forcing healthy students to take an experimental medical procedure is not only immoral, it’s illegal. Many students are unaware that these requirements violate federal law given the COVID-19 vaccine, masks and the PCR test only have emergency usage authorization at this time.

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