If you think that all this that is happening is just an unfortunate series of events, you are a fool. Everything is planned.  There is so much information coming out right now, and the people behind this, are starting to get scared.  That is why they want to quarantine us.  Shut down places where we can gather and share notes.  Separate families.  Create disharmony in our Country.  All to stop you from seeing this.  I urge you to watch this entire video.  We are in a war with some very evil people that have infiltrated all levels of all governments all over the world.  Stop it with your calling shit a conspiracy, and investigate the claims in this video.  EPSTEIN, HARVEY WEINSTEIN, and other high profile pedo arrests in the past few years are just the tip of the iceberg.  Trump was taking them down, and that is why he got ousted.  I have also included a link to the high profile arrests of politicians that have been convicted during Trumps administration.  Everything happening in this world right now is a direct result of these people.  The 1/10 of 1 percent.  Its time we execute them.  We don’t need to put these people on trial.  They go straight to the grave.  When they get exposed, let not one of them have a safe place to travel.  Not a safe place to be.  We the people that stand for good, will not accept this on our planet anymore.  STAND UP> Step UP.  Pull your head out of the sand, and lets get busy.   Roll up our sleeves.  This is war.  And they are going to lose.  Their time has come.  That is why the planet is in such discord right now.  These fucking dirtbags.


Here is a link of just some of the thousands of high profile arrests during Trumps administration that NEVER MADE THE MEDIA. 

Here is where you can download the movie he refers too.  I have already, and because of what he said, I may make it available on this site.  He has given permission to share without profit.  So I might make it streamable from this site in the future for only registered members.

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