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The CDC is recommending K-12 schools become vaccination sites and recommends children age 12 and over to get vaccinated, in some states without parental knowledge or consent. It is only a matter of time before they come after every child because they are already testing COVID vaccination in children as young ass 6 months of age.

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Facts You Can Use

What we know now about COVID-19 and children:

Almost 100% of kids don’t suffer from severe COVID. In fact, many have no symptoms at all. Thus, they may have already had COVID which is another excellent reason not to get the vaccine.
The World Health Organization (WHO) has announced that young people should not take the vaccine.
A concerning number of young people, especially those under 30, are suffering from myocarditis (heart inflammation), blood clots, low platelets and more following COVID-19 vaccination.
The risks of COVID-19 vaccination adverse outcomes certainly outweigh the benefits to children and young adults who are considered low risk populations.
Parental rights to make independent, informed decisions regarding their children’s medical interventions, including vaccines, are being threatened.
Some scientists have raised concerns that the safety risk of COVID-19 vaccinations have been underestimated. As of July 2nd UPDATE, there have been 438,441 vaccine injuries including 9,049 deaths following COVID-19 vaccination.
Clinical trials in children and young adults are ongoing and will not be completed for at least one year.
Hundreds of colleges and universities embrace COVID vaccine mandates, but there is no reason why students and families can’t shun coercive educational institutions and forge their own educational path.
Not a single published study has demonstrated that patients who have had a prior COVID-19 infection benefit from the vaccination. So why recommend all kids get the shot.

COVID-19 vaccine is an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) Product

Mandating it violates Federal Law and the Nuremberg Code.  The Children’s Health Defense Legal Section has extensive legal resources to make individuals aware about their legally protected rights. Use these resources to educate and preserve fundamental human rights on critical issues related to health freedom.

Legal Notice EUA Mask
Legal Notice EUA testing
Legal Notice EUA vaccines

Other Useful Information

COVID Vaccine Religious Exemption Documents
No one should die from a vaccination. Vax Injuries in children 12 years old to 20 
Toolkit for Preventing Vaccine Mandates This kit will help you fight back against all vaccine mandates.
Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System information: Injuries get latest information from Eileen/Rita to add here
Top Ten reasons not to let your child get a COVID shot
FDA Warnings of Myocarditis and Guillain Barre Syndrome:

The warning in the Fact Sheets for Healthcare Providers Administering Vaccines notes that reports of adverse events suggest increased risks of myocarditis and pericarditis, particularly following the second dose and with onset of symptoms within a few days after vaccination. 
The FDA added a warning that Johnson & Johnson’s COVID-19 vaccine may trigger Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS) in a small number of people in a letter sent to the manufacturer on Monday. … It states that adverse event reports suggest an increased risk of Guillain-Barré syndrome in the 42 days after vaccination.

Examples of “Vaccine Failure”

CDC panel signals support for booster shots
Mathematically impossible for vaccines to eliminate COVID
140 Hospitalized People Out Of 141 Cases In Sydney Had Both COVID Jabs, Other Had 1 Dose
Israel CEO 90% of severely sick are vaccinated
Scientist warning COVID vaccines producing symptoms of parkinson and neurodegenerative disorders
(Israel) Government admits that half of new Covid-19 cases in last month were fully vaccinated
Natural Infection vs vaccination: which gives more protection?
Nearly 40% of new COVID patients were vaccinated – compared to just 1% who had been infected previously.
New report shows vaccine effectiveness dropping over half a year 
A new report indicates that the COVID-19 vaccines from Pfizer will drop by more than ten percent inside half a year.
Vaccinated people in Singapore make up three-quarters of recent COVID-19 cases
BNT162b2 vaccine breakthrough: clinical characteristics of 152 fully vaccinated hospitalized COVID-19 patients in Israel
CDC Alarmed: 74% of Cases in Cape Cod Cluster Were Among the Vaxxed
CDC Scaled Back Hunt for Breakthrough Cases Just as the Delta Variant Grew​​​​​​. Bloomberg identified more than 100,000 vaccine breakthroughs


GreenMedInfo The National Vaccine Information Center
HealthChoice Millions Against Medical Mandates
Highwire with Del Bigtree Stand for Health Freedom
Informed Consent Action Network
Students Against Mandates
Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS)
​​Vaccine Injury Payouts
Doctors 4 COVID ethics

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