College-aged students are facing challenging decisions and the loss of constitutional freedoms as the price of admission.  In a few weeks, many Universities begin in person classes. BUT students need to take and confirm their full vaccinations two weeks before – so time is critical. You can send emails today to presidents of over 400 universities to tell them the facts regarding COVID vaccination in young people and why all mandates are a bad idea. Email your local media too. Everyone needs to get involved!

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Find Universities, President Email Addresses and Sample Letters

View Universities With Mandates and see contact information for University Presidents
Short Action Letter 1 to Univ. Presidents
Detailed Longer Letter to School Districts
Give your school this useful information about why mandates are not legal.

COVID-19 vaccines are Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) Products. Mandating them violates Federal Law and the Nuremberg Code. The Children’s Health Defense Legal Section has extensive legal resources to make individuals aware about their legally protected rights. Use these resources to educate and preserve fundamental human rights on critical issues related to health freedom.

Legal Notice EUA Mask
Legal Notice EUA testing
Legal Notice EUA vaccines

Tell Your Elected Officials NO MANDATES! Tell Them: My Body, My Choice!

With one click, send a letter to your Federal officials, Governor, State legislators, Mayor and City Council Members

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