There are many doctors in the world right now taking legal action against their governments for pushing a vaccine agenda that simply is not safe.  Besides not being safe, there are treatments that have been clinically proven to be safe, and the mortality rate and deaths from this virus are so small of an increase over previous years, it simply does not warrant any type of vaccine.

This is not even counting for the fact, that they cannot even call this as vaccine.  A vaccine is meant to give you immunity towards a virus.  This vaccine makes no such claims.  In fact, they say that you will still need to socially distance, wear a mask, and be subject to lockdowns and restrictions.  Your civil liberties are being stripped from you, and you are being brainwashed into thinking you need something you don’t.  Watch this video with doctors and make up your own mind.  Then Register to see 100% conclusive evidence of what is really going on.