So, look at how many people are in conferences in the world right now, that are AGAINST THE NARRATIVE.  Are you going to be the last person to pull your head out of the sand?  I get it.  The media has done a great job in brainwashing you.   But what have you done to make sure that this was not the case.  Your like a child that was victimized in your youth that grows up to be an adult, and has ridiculous behaviour, but won’t accept any fault, because of what happened when you were a child.

Ok, so we were all children being kept in the dark by our “parents” aka government.  But at some point, you have to take responsibility for your own health.  Its not your parents fault anymore.  Its yours.  You are an adult, who has your own kids that need you to wake the fuck up.  If your kids are wearing masks, you are harming them due to your ignorance.  Your behaviour in not recognizing what is really happening is no ones fault but your own.  As with this video, and thousands of other videos also blowing the bullshit off of this government and media collusion to brainwash you into a state of fear and 0bedience, has shown you the way.  Your continued compliance to a rogue environment, makes you the real danger to other Canadians.  Stop being part of the problem, wake your fucking blind ass up, and become part of the solution.

Watch this video, and WAKE UP!


People waiting for you to join us, are starting to really give up on you.  It is not our job to do this, but anyone with a conscience finds themselves bound to this out of the necessity for you to not harm your children, yourself, and our economy any further.  We are only as strong as our weakest link.  If you still believe in Covid, you ARE THE WEAKEST LINK.  Wake up.



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