The urgency of you waking up your family, friends, co-workers, and acquaintances has never been higher. We HAVE to get so many Canadians awake, that the government can no longer pretend, there is no evidence of their crimes. We have to make them so aware that the majority of Canadians know exactly what they are up to, that they feel in pressure cooker so they step down, or the police or military finally do their jobs. If we do not get all these passive Canadians to join us in this fight, Millions of people in this country WILL DIE. And as they import 500,000 people from other horrible places on the planet that are already used to communism or dictatorships, this will seem like a picnic, and they will slowly transform our country into exactly what they fled from. I.E. (Venezuela for starters).

Finally, help us show to Facebook, that censorship will not stop us from getting the truth out there:

You can download this video at:

When you land on that page, click on the 3 dots, and you will have an option to save to device or computer. Upload this video to your personal page if you are not afraid of strong language, then tag me if you are friend of either of my Facebook profiles, David Cheyne.
Then share to the Awake Canada Facebook page.

This will help show that censorship will not stop us. Thank you!

This can also be shown to your family and friend holdouts. Anything to get them to the evidence I have accumulated on 2.5 years of all the banned stuff, the most relevant stuff, the not way out there conspiracy stuff, but just the provable facts.

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