My personal tactics before having to elevate this battle with Facebook was working. Until today. I started gaining the traction I once had in Facebook, and they had to shut it down. They are doing everything in their power but this latest ban is going to bite them. I guess, I have no choice but to pursue the legal course of action.

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If you are still on Facebook, and friend of mine, AND a member of our Facebook group of over 137,000 members, please help me by doing this:
Please help me right now.

You can download this video at:

When you land on that page, click on the 3 dots, and you will have an option to save to device or computer. Upload this video to your personal page if you are not afraid of strong language, then tag me if you are friend of either of my Facebook profiles, David Cheyne.

Then share to the Awake Canada Facebook page.

This will help show that censorship will not stop us. Thank you!

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