This is great news!  Sam Friedman of FTX just picked up 4 new charges, including illegal donations to the Democratic political campaigns.  The corruption is getting exposed everywhere.  This is not a bad reflection on crypto currency.  This is a reflection of the corrupt government, and their ties to fraud.  Crypto currency will be the way to get rid of the corruption, but more importantly the technology behind crypto which is blockchain.  If you want to learn about the new version of the web that will destroy Google, Youtube, facebook, and other tech monopolies that have leveraged their power to push political agendas, watch this post.

It is important to note, that government is trying to regulate crypto, because it is the nail in the coffin of the globalist agenda.  Please do not take all the fraud going on with Crypto as a bad reflection on Crypto.  Understand that all this news is important from the globalists to push to make you think crypto is bad.  Just consider the sources.  Mainstream news, and government do not like decentralized money.  It destroys their control.  That is why they are going to join the crypto world with centralized digital currency, in which they will have even more control over you than our existing corrupted central banking system.

Learn crypto, how to use it, and help us get adoption from 4% to 20% in North America.  We do that, and the globalist agenda is dead in the water.

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