“He who controls the media, controls the world”. Welcome to the new American Government.  They buried evidence of Biden’s corruption prior to the election, along with all the news media, and other tech giants.   All media companies conspiring against Donald Trump?  Why?

People, Donald Trump has evidence of much election fraud, pedophiles (which his administration arrested more than any other one, Remember Jeffrey Epstein?).  That was on Donald’s watch.  Donald is against the great reset.  It is clear that the tech companies have too much control, and how they use it is up to the CEO.  So if the 3 CEO’s of Twitter, Facebook, and Google all conspire with the media to make Donald Trump to look bad, and squash his voice when he is trying to reveal corruption, you must ask yourself… Who is Donald Trump trying to expose?

Are you going to realize the amount of worldwide collusion is going on to take down the US?  Well, people, we have it here too.  Our Crime Minister is involved.  We have signed up for the Great Reset in 2016.  Nobody bothered to ask Canadians.  Nobody bothered to explain that the goal of this is complete dictatorship control.   They stole the election from Donald.  So they think.   What do you think is going to happen in our federal election coming up?  You know the one where right now Trudeau has a minority government which stops him from being a dictator?  He cheats his way into majority, and Canada is finished.   So he thinks.

We have to wake up to what’s going on people.  Big tech, and the 6 media companies in the world, that own every single news station in the world, can push whatever agenda they want.  What you see on all channels, is what you believe.  Its why you believe in Covid.

Think people think.  Do you hear about cures for Covid on the news?  Have you noticed the censorship on Doctors telling you that there is no pandemic?  Have you noticed the censorship on anything that goes against the narrative.  These people have complete control.  Stop mocking alternate news, like Rebel News, OAN, and others that are popping up.  They are popping up because of necessity to get you the truth.  The truth will not be silenced.  The truth always prevails.  In this video you can clearly see they want to control the truth.  Their truth is your truth.

Wake up people.  Join this site and learn what you can do.  Take off your mask, share the evidence, videos, blog posts, and start researching on your own.  I will not push my view points.  I want you to discover your own truth.   The media is manipulating all of us.  Except for those of us that won’t play anymore.  But we are the ones you are screaming at for not wearing masks.  We are the ones you think are at fault for not complying with health orders that are illegal.  There are more doctors against this, and there are for it now.  They just are not being heard.  The other ones are threatened to silence or they will lose their licence.  Same goes for nurses, police… people we are under attack, and its assholes like this that are the top of it.  When you investigate you will find this all be true.  We are exposing all of them.  We will arrest all of them.  We will beat all of them.  But we need you to start doing your part.  We need you to wake up.  SHUT THE TV OFF AND START SPENDING THAT TIME RESEARCHING.  There IS NO PANDEMIC.  There is a virus, but it is barely worse than the flu.  It is not worthy of what is happening.  These lockdowns, vaccinations, masks, and restrictions of travel, are what they have planned for THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.  Wake up!

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