I want to share a personal story with you, that will give you great hope for the future. It shows who is behind all the good that is going on in the world… Make sure to keep reading for it gets better and better. This will change many lives.

All of us have to face challenged and setbacks, whenever we do something good and important. Nothing ever comes easy, if we fight dark powers of wickedness and destruction. I experienced that once again, when I released the incredibly important video that shows how the U.S. embassy in Rome, Italy, used the largest defense company in Italy, Leonardo SpA, to steal the U.S. Presidential election.

After releasing this immensely powerful video, I was overwhelmed with setbacks. The links in the emails didn’t work, the website couldn’t be accessed, there was no audio in the video, it wouldn’t play at all, and so on. 

Total insanity, because on my end everything worked perfect! Absolutely incredible… In the 30 years of working on the internet, I have never faced so many issues as with StopWorldControl.com. To be honest, I was tempted to throw in the towel and just give up.  So much resistance, so much trouble,…

Then I was reminded about what happened months ago, to kickstart me in this project. After working on the very first post on Stop World Control, I was suddenly smacked down with an overwhelming sense of discouragement.

Anyone who has ever done groundbreaking work that tears down demonic strongholds, and sets many people free, knows what I am talking about. It’s as if the herds from hell surround you, whispering viciously: ‘Give up, it’s useless, stop it, what the hell do you think you are doing?, it’s no use, you might as well stop now, it will never work, you are a loser!’

That day I rested on my bed, and didn’t want to continue the work. It was too hard, too much, too difficult, too disturbing to see all this truth…

Then, out of the blue, something happened…

I heard a song!

You have to know: I never listen to the radio. I don’t know any songs. But this song resounded so clear, so loud, and so intense into my entire being. It was as if a radio was playing inside my belly. The lyrics were as follows:

You’re the voice, try and understand it
Make a noise and make it clear

We’re not gonna sit in silence
We’re not gonna live with fear

This time, we know we all can stand together
With the power to be powerful
Believing we can make it better

Wow… No words in the whole universe could have been more meaningful than these lyrics…






So I got up, and started building StopWorldControl.com


There is hope for the future…

The Movement You Need
Is On Your Shoulders

hope future vision

A few weeks later, it happened again… I was exhausted, broken, terrified, shocked, and so deeply disturbed about everything I was discovering, all the wickedness, the crimes on every level in our world, the deception that is blinding humanity, the insane ignorance of most people…. I couldn’t handle it anymore.

I decided – again – to call it a day, and lay down my project. Pick somebody else, God, I thought. I am done. It’s too heavy for me.

I went into the kitchen, had a drink, did some dishes, and suddenly it happened again. Totally out of nowhere, I heard a song resounding all throughout my being. As if it was being played trough some huge invisible radio, and I was sitting right inside of the speakers. No evading it, the sound was everywhere. These were the lyrics:

You’re waiting for someone to perform with
And don’t you know that it’s just you
Hey Jude, you’ll do

The movement you need is on your shoulders

Then it went on like this…

Hey Jude, don’t make it bad
Take a sad song and make it better

The minute you let her into your heart
Then you can start to make it better

Better, better, better, better, better, whoa, yeah!

This was speaking about opening my heart for what is going on…
The moment I open myself to accept this reality, I can start doing something about it. These lines also touched me:

Oh-oh-oh, and anytime you feel the pain
Hey Jude, refrain
Don’t carry the world upon your shoulders

For well you know that it’s a fool
Who plays it cool
By making his world a little colder

Two things were said to me here: When it becomes too much, I may take rest, take a step back, breath deep, do something fun, enjoy life, so I can keep going with the battle.

But… never to ignore the pain of the world. Because… it’s a fool who plays it cool. That means only fools act as if nothing is going on, they act ‘cool’, and by doing so they make their world a little colder.

Can you believe that these lyrics came to me, at a time when I needed to hear nothing else in the whole world, but these exact words? And again: I never listen to the radio. But this suddenly resounded so loud and clear all around me, inside of me, as if I was inside a huge radio.

God sure has a way of talking to us.


There is hope for the future…

Rise Up With New Strength

eagle hope future

These are not the only times that I experienced this. Fifteen years ago I had a burnout. This sometimes happens with people who care about the world, and who are passionate. We tend to exhaust ourselves, trying to save the world all by ourselves. It was the beginning of the darkest time in my life. One morning however I woke up, and I heard a music so beautiful, so glorious, so powerful, that I knew this was from an entirely different realm.

It was a perfectly harmonious mix of powerful rock music, and a classical orchestra.

This time it wasn’t a popular song that played, but I heard angels sing a unique line. No, really, I am not making this up. I heard angels sing, accompanied with the most beautiful, cool and amazing music I had ever heard. A symphonic orchestra was playing rock music… amazing. The words they sang were very simple:

‘You will rise up with new strength.’

That’s it. One line. But it was enough. This kept me going for many months, where my body became dependent on sleeping tablets (because my doctor said they would help me) and I struggled for two years with not being able to sleep naturally. Finally God broke through and lifted me out of this pit.


There is hope for the future…

The Final Countdown

hope future take off

Another time where heaven used music to speak to me, was when we were told to migrate from Europe to America. I had been pioneering in Europe for many years, and had seen amazing things happen. But one night I had a dream: me and my family were flying in an airplane over the map of The Netherlands and Belgium (where we are from), and the airplane flew towards the coast. There I saw a huge boat, the type of cruisers that were always used by the first immigrants to cross the ocean, and go to America. As the airplane flew over this ship, I knew this immense vessel was headed for America.

That very moment a song exploded all throughout the sky, as if a mega party suddenly kicked off with 5000 watt speakers.

The song being played at maximum volume was ‘The final countdown’, from the band Europe. I hadn’t heard that song for over twenty years, when I was just a kid. Now I heard the incredible guitar solo resounding gloriously through the air, and I thought:

‘Wow, I never knew this song was so beautiful!’

I woke up, still hearing it. It was amazing. Never before in my life had I heard such magnificent guitar tunes, with a purity as if it was played on a crystal guitar, powered by lightning. I had goosebumps all over…

When I told my wife this experience, she started weeping. ‘God is saying we are going to migrate to America!’ she sobbed. Really? How so? I looked up the lyrics, and this is what they said:

We’re leavin’ together
But still it’s farewell

And maybe we’ll come back
To Earth, who can tell?

I guess there is no one to blame
We’re leaving ground (leaving ground)

Will things ever be the same again?

It’s the final countdown
The final countdown

This song was indeed speaking very clearly about LEAVING GROUND… exactly what I saw in the dream: leaving Europe and going to America. Then it goes on:

We’re headin’ for Venus
And still we stand tall
‘Cause maybe they’ve seen us
And welcome us all, yeah

I wondered what this meant so I looked it up. Lo and behold, Venus is the Statue of Liberty, which is the symbol for all immigrants who come to America! So this song literally means: We’re heading for the Statue of Liberty! We would become immigrants! Wow…

liberty hope future

Now everything went fast forward. I suddenly got an email from a publisher in the USA, asking me if he could publish a book from me. This is like… NO WAY! Never does an American publisher ask a European author to publish his book.


American publishers only publish books by American authors. Full stop. This was an amazing sign. Following suit was a message from a Christian couple, saying they offered our family a house where we could stay for free, for a whole year. WHAT? Many more miracles happened, but that’s for another time. How we got our permanent visa, while literally every agency, attorney, government official, and migration expert said: ‘Mr Sorensen, you have no chance of getting a permanent visa.’

But here we are, our fourth year in the United States. With Green Cards!

I am sharing this to encourage you: I was called to come to the USA. For four years I wondered what I was doing here. Until the pandemic happened, and God said: GO! Build Stop World Control!


There is hope for the future…

Slaying An Army Of Giants

slaying giants hope future

What is the meaning of all this? I wanted to quit several times with this project, because it’s such a mountain climbing challenge. I am a missionary, depending on donations, not backed up by some Soros, Gates or Rothschild billionaire, who buys all the media, and has unlimited funds to deceive humanity.

I am this David facing not one, not two, but a whole army of giants.

A month ago, I had another message: I dreamed that President Trump was totally renewing the entire government, and he walked up to me, and said:

‘I am making you a senator, stay close to me.’

I shared this before. A senator is somebody who basically enforces in a state what the president is doing. At least that’s what they should be doing.

Then the dream went on. I saw myself, tired, in a huge church building. I was resting my head on the altar, exhausted. A young prophet was ministering on that platform, and suddenly he walked up to me, and shouted:

‘Hey David, wake up, you are going to defeat giants!’

Reminding myself of these messages, helps me deal with the disappointment of working three full days on a very powerful, extremely important video,… that again faces so many challenges, that it seems to drop dead on the floor. ‘I can’t view it!’  ‘The link is not working!’ ’There is no audio!’ And so on… Darn… Anyway, this is not my fight.

I share this to help you….

So you would know there are armies fighting on your behalf. They are calling me, and millions of others, around this gorgeously beautiful world, to rise up and fight.

Speak truth. Shine light. Awaken the sleeping beauty. Break the spell of media witchcraft. Heal the nations. Give hope. Restore identity. Empower the weak. Rebuke the wicked. Build a better world.

We are not alone. We are loved. We are cared for. But we have to lift up our heads, and rise up out of the slumber.


There is hope for the future…

The Dreams That You Dare To Dream

dream hope future

Two years ago we got some money from my mom, and decided not to spend it, but invest, and multiply it. A good friend, who is an experienced, and successful investor advised us to join him in a very promising endeavor: he knew a man who was genius in trading on the stock market. He had the ability to turn ten thousand into ten million in a short period of time. Green as we are in this, we took the bait.

Five months of the wildest roller coaster we ever rode later, the trading genius died. He threw himself under a train.

After months of failing, we had developed a strategy that was sure to make all of us rich. With our strategy he had been able to grow our investment fivefold in a few weeks time, and the future looked amazing. Calculations promised that if we could keep this up for six months, we would all be millionaires. We called the trader every day, to remind him to stick to our strategy which was working wonderful. We knew however that if he would stray from the plan, and fall for the temptation to take risks, we could lose it all.

All went well for a while, and we started dreaming of changing the world with billions of dollars! Buy land, heal the land, invest in projects that restore the world, great!

One day I got a message from our trader: ‘Pray for me, there is a golden opportunity! I might turn what we have fivefold today, with what the market is showing.’ I replied: ‘NO! Stick to the strategy you have. You already made an 8% profit today which is HUGE! Be content with it.’ He didn’t respond.

He next day God spoke to us: he is dead. Everything went silent. We couldn’t get a hold of our friend. ‘He committed suicide’ said God.

We felt a strange peace come over us. My wife and I dropped all our work, and walked in the pasture… Instead of great alarm, we felt peace. We were being comforted. The next day we heard the news: he killed himself.

We checked the account and indeed, he had lost everything in a few seconds. The temptation got a hold of him. He could have made several people multimillionaires in one year, including himself, but he thought he could do it in one minute…

I was wrecked. If he wasn’t dead already I would have strangled him. How could he be so stupid??? There was no need for this. Why? Everything was going great, and he simply ditched it all. I can imagine him feeling so desperate and broken himself,….

He saw no way out, but to end it all.

That night I had an experience that changed my life. In a dream I saw our friend standing next to Jesus, who had his arm over his shoulder. What I saw shocked me: never in my life had I seen a person smile so wide. Our friend was just radiating such joy and happiness… he was happier than anyone I had ever seen.

I mean, his entire face was one massive smile,
and his eyes beamed from joy.

Then I woke up and felt a blanket of tangible warm love envelop me. My whole being was burning with love for this man, whom I felt had let all of us down. I loved him so deeply, and all anger and dissapointment left me.

When I woke up, I started singing a song I had never sung before, and I don’t even know the lyrics! I just found myself singing this line:


The supernatural power with which this song was coming from my belly, alerted me. ‘This is a message! I don’t even know this song.’ My wife said: ‘David look up the lyrics, see what else it says…’ I started weeping, when I read the next line, on my computer:


What was supposed to be our greatest downfall ever, losing all our money, seeing our dreams crash to a concrete floor, became a day of hope.


I hope you get this message. God is for you, wether you like it or not. Wether you acknowledge his existence or deny it persistently (which I can understand, considering the misrepresentation by all kinds of dark religions). Throughout many trials in my life, and also during the persistent attacks on StopWorldControl.com, I have always been encouraged to go on.


There is hope for the future…

Why Is This Important?

So now again with his incredibly important video, I feel: don’t give up. Break through the walls of resistance. But, why is this so critical? Because this whole situation of Italy being involved in stealing the U.S. election is so well proven. I mean: a top lawyer from Italy comes forward – even ON CAMERA… COME ON! – reading an affidavit with this information. Do you know what an affidavit is? You go to jail, if you declare something under oath that is false.

So this lawyer is risking his career, and very life, by releasing this PUBLICLY TO THE WORLD – RECORDING HIMSELF READING THIS SWORN STATEMENT!

This is so powerful…. And it is confirmed by Sidney Powell, the most famous federal lawyer IN THE WORLD! It is backed up by LT General Thomas McInerney. It was exposed, and is being pushed by NATIONS IN ACTION and INSTITUTE OF GOOD GOVERNANCE, the two organizations fighting election fraud.

Come on people, wake up, this is not a joke. This is for real. Many people in Italy have been arrested already, big names are resigning, I will follow up on this later. Of course the mainstream media is hiding it, woddayathink?

People please, wake up and see the power of this video: it must be shared massively, because this is what everyone tries to hide: the evidence that this whole election is one big criminal operation.

We must stand for truth, freedom, and help wake up the world.

That’s why I feel such passion for this short, snappy but nuclear-power-grade video.


There is hope for the future…

I Could Not Speak – At All

Let me tell you one more thing… I have been severely abused as a child. I was run over by a car, thrown in the air, and a lady leaped from the sidewalk, just in time to catch my head, before it would hit the pavement. I fell down from large heights several times. My mom says I tumbled down the stairs 13 times.

The result was that I ended up stammering like crazy.
I could not speak at all. 

Read that again… For many years in my life, I was unable to speak. Psychologists, speech therapists, psychiatrists, and parents…. Nobody cold help me. I was doomed to be traumatized, and handicapped forever.

Until one day I was put in front of a church by a lady who did not know me. She knew I had something important to share and grabbed me by the arm, dragged me (kicking and screaming …. well, on the inside that is) to the front, and she put a huge microphone into my hands. I knew it: now I am dying and going to heaven. This is hell for me, so my heart will stop right now.

Something else happened…. Words started flowing out of my mouth, and for the first time in my life I was talking like a pro, no stutter to be heard.

I felt a strange supernatural energy flow all through my body and my arms and legs were slightly vibrating because of this rushing power. People started clapping and cheering loudly, jumping to their feet, because of what I was saying.

Anyway, more about this later….


There is hope for the future…

Born With A Destiny

newborn baby hope future

But know this: my youth was very traumatizing, and there have been several attempts to kill me. Even when my mother conceived me, she was tempted to kill me. I came unexpected, and wasn’t welcome. Luckily she didn’t listen to those voices, and delivered me. When she held me in her arms, she suddenly heard a voice speak to her. Listen, she never experienced anything like this, before or after. It was a one time event. The voice told her:

‘Give this child a lot of love, because I love him very much.’

During my early years she showered me with love, which strengthened me for the trouble ahead, when abuse and trauma hit my life….

Why am I sharing all of this? To encourage you in the current world crisis: God sends people to this earth for a reason.


One day I believe I died. Maybe I did, maybe I didn’t. I don’t know. But I was sick with a very high fever, and suddenly this massive angel stood by my side. I wrote this before. He took me in his arms, and off we went. I came into some sort of a palace – this was not a dream, this was a tremendously REAL experience – where I saw royal beings walk and talk to each other, in an atmosphere of perfect peace and stillness.

Then a huge double gate opened for me, and I had to enter. There I had a private meeting, that I wasn’t allowed to fully recall. I would dare say I had a private session with God, but he wasn’t alone. There was an entire heavenly council gathered together. We talked, and I had to make a decision.

I made my choice, and next thing I know, I was back in my bed.

For many years I hid this experience, knowing people would call me crazy. Now I dare to share it, because I know more people have these encounters, all over the world. Countless books have been written about it.

I know: I have to be here.

My voice was destroyed for many years, in another attempt to take me out. But here I am, making videos for millions around the world.

Something is going on, people, and it’s all for YOU!

Back to the video:

Please take some time to watch it and again: share it like crazy.


Don’t let me do this alone. We have tens of thousands of people in the world reading this. Let’s ALL use this video, to awaken the world.

Thank you so much,
David Sorensen


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