Conservative MP Garnett Genuis blasted the Liberal government over a report by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service that found at least 11 candidates received Chinese cash in the last federal election.

In response to the Liberals refusing to disclose which candidates received the approximately $250,000 in funding, Genuis claimed the Liberals were the ones benefiting from Beijing’s interference.

“Why have Liberals spent years ignoring foreign interference? Because they benefit from it.”

Conservative MP @GarnettGenuis says former Canadian Ambassador to China and former Liberal cabinet minister John McCallum encouraged China to intervene in Canadian politics.

— True North (@TrueNorthCentre) November 15, 2022

“Canadians were shocked to learn that the government of China illegally funded candidates for office here in Canada starting in at least 2019. How could this happen? How could the government of China think they could get away with this?” asked Genuis.

“Why have the Liberals spent years ignoring foreing interference? Because they benefit from it. Liberals’ weak foreign policy and failure to stand up for justice has led human rights abusers to want Liberals to stay in power.”

Genuis also referenced former Liberal MP and ambassador to China John McCallum who in 2019 told Chinese media that a Conservative election victory that year would be a disadvantage to Chinese interests. McCallum was fired from his post for controversial statements.

During the 2021 federal election, Chinese state media also warned that Canada could face “counterstrikes” should the Conservatives have won that election.

On Monday MPs with the Commons procedure and house affairs committee voted to initiate a prove into the allegations of a “vast campaign of foreign interference.”

“No one has been expelled from Canada, no one has been charged. There have been no apparent investigations undertaken and there has been no action taken on the part of the government to respond legislatively,” said Conservative MP and committee member Michael Cooper.

“This interference is simply intolerable. It is unacceptable.”

In an exclusive interview with True North, former Conservative MP Kenny Chiu slammed Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for his lack of action on China.

“Compared to other Western democracies that have done something substantial to safeguard their democracies and national sovereignty, Canada has done barely anything,” said Chiu.

Chiu lost his seat during the general election last year after facing an online assault he alleges was directed by China.


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