UPDATE: REBEL NEWS is fighting the vaccine passports, and MIGHT offer you free lawyers to fight your case.

Please see:  https://www.rebelnews.com/tags/fight_vaccine_passports

First you must understand that there is no legal ways anyone can force you to get vaccinated to keep your job. This is a massive liability issue for the business. This also goes for discriminating against people coming into your place of business, over masks, vaccination status, or testing. Lawyers are starting to have a field day with this people. Do not give in. Do not get vaccinated.

Here is a link to Rocco Galati’s video on these matters. For those of you that don’t know who he is, Rocco is the lawyer that has won succesful lawsuits against the government, and the Bank of Canada for unconstitutional actions. He currently has approximately 7 more lawsuits, against the Federal, and Provinces of Ontario, and BC for Covid related measures. All the mandates that are being implemented are non scientific based, unconstitutional, and political in nature. Hold your ground. Do not test, do not wear masks, do not take the vaccines, and do not quit your job.

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