Work life is Human Resources in wide range of industries, knowledgable in employment standards, training, recruitment, retention and best practice strategies. I became a truth seeker many years ago and recently, much to my surprise, a freedom fighter!!

As a Canadian citizen I have enjoyed the freedoms that were hard fought so many years ago. I love my country and fellow Canadians and feel strongly about what has been happening over the last year with division and distraction from the media, lies from the politicians and fear mongering at every turn. I believe in choice, I am not anti anything, I believe that given the opportunity, my fellow humans ALWAYS do the best they can. I fight for the rights for all of us, I am against segregation, two tier systems and discrimination. I joined AWAKE CANADA to stand up for and make a difference to ALL Canadians.

As an admin I am charged with: Comment moderation, Order fulfilment, Research and Article validation.