There is a new pandemic coming your way.  It will be because of the vaccinations.  All vaccinated people are being led slowly to their deaths just like the Italian doctor warned us about a year and a half ago.

We are no longer conspiracy theorists.  We are the news.  The real news.  The news keeping you informed of the truth the government, mainstream media, and big tech are keeping from you.  This is not a conspiracy.  This is complete facts.  How long are you going to wait before you realize that our government is DELIVERATELY GENOCIDING THE PEOPLE?  You may ask why, but if you do, you are not asking the right questions.  The why is easy.  DEPOPULATION of the earth.  The real question is WHY DO THEY WANT TO DEPOPULATE THE EARTH?

They will try and tell you that it is because the earth is overpopulated.  THIS IS A LIE.  They may tell you that we have diminishing resources.  They control the resources.  This is a lie.  They may tell you its because of global warming.  This is a lie. The planet goes through cycles, and mankind does not even account for 3% of the carbon in our atmosphere.  All these lies are so they can kill people off, BECAUSE, and here is the kicker…. WE ARE GETTING wise to their crimes against us, and are getting scared.

THEY SHOULD BE.  Because if every single human on this planet knew what they were doing, we would be hanging them from the gallows in public as a warning to all mankind, TO LEAVE US THE FUCK ALONE. WE WANT TO LIVE, AND WE WANT TO BE FREE.  You will pay for trying to take both from us.  You will pay dearly with your lives.  ALL OF YOU.

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