You may have seen a leaked video that I made get out.   I am not sure how it got published, but as I have said many times, it is not important to me, and I will allow any freedom fighting movement to use my content to help the cause.  We are in times where exposure is the most important things.  How do we do this?  In numbers.  Earlier this year we witnessed one of the most incredible moments in Canadian history with the Freedom Convoy.  While they did not meet the objectives of the convoy, some other stuff happened.  Millions of Canadians woke up.

Well my friends, that was the warm up.

On September 11, 2022 we are going to have a rematch.

A rematch with all the EXTRA AWAKE CANADIANS Participating.  If they cannot make the main event, they can rally behind the local freedom groups and do this is every city.

Awake Canada has teamed up with Marcus Ray and fully endorse a PEACEFUL, LAWFUL, appeal to the policemen in this country to stand with Canadians and bring this corruption to an end.

Forget about what you have heard about Marcus Ray.  I met with him, he told me the plan, and his past is of no concern to me, nor it should be for anyone.  What should concern you is that through brainstorming with smart people, a lot of the leaders of the freedom movement, have come to the same conclusion.  If our police and military do not accept the MOUNTING PILES OF EVIDENCE and side with Canadians, we have already lost our Country.  It is time to press them to make their stand.  Each week that goes by without arresting the perpetrators of these crimes against Canadians, and humanity in general in the “guise of public safety” they build their system of tyranny further.  More money is put into bringing humanity to its knees.



We are asking the following from people across Canada:

  1. Signup to get notifications of specifics closer to the date
  2. Participate in the convoys from the east or the west, and help us make a stand for freedom.
  3. If you cannot participate find a local freedom fighter and organize events at your local police station.

What this is:

  • Contrary to bogus information out there, this is a peaceful, lawful, protest with no violence.
  • A passionate plea from Millions of Canadians to the Canadian police to do their jobs and take our side to defend our freedoms.
  • An opportunity to reshape our Country in the matter in which all democracies are founded in. Proper common law in which our rights will never be violated like this again.

We have had 2 and a half years to wake up MILLIONS OF CANADIANS.   The time for a definitive plan of action is NOW!

If you love your country and wish to stand for democracy, join us.


Learn what Awake Canada is Doing to save our Country!