When this Covid 19 started, I was just like the majority of the population.  I was worried that we had a “real pandemic” on our hands.  This lasted all of 2 weeks, when I watched the globe shut down in unprecedented history almost all simultaneously.  At this point it “set off” a change 0f events in my life that will never be undone.

I had always known that obviously there are rich people behind the scenes dictating policy and things across our globe that served their interests.   What I did not know is the extent of this organization, and just far far they got their hooks into our society.  We are all guilty for turning a blind eye to this, and in retrospect, this final play of their hand is probably the best thing that ever happened to Humanity.  This is because they have triggered…..

So I am going to be releasing evidence that you are more likely ready to hear on my timeline, and in my Facebook group, but this post is the reality of where we are at right now.  Some of you have been caught complicit in these crimes, and I urge you follow me and our group to learn more.   I will be releasing a big wakeup call to Nurses and Doctors across our great nation later today after this post.  There are doctors and nurses among my group that are speaking up and letting me know what is really going on behind the scenes, and TODAY I AM GOING TO LIFT THE CURTAIN.

But before I do, I want you know what these Doctors, Nurses, Scientists, Lawyers, Politicians are working for, many without them even knowing……….

13 Families.

That’s right.  13 families are pulling all the strings behind everything in this world.

They determine:

  • when countries go to war
  • who leads each country
  • what countries get to eat, and how much
  • where and how all the resources of each country get distributed
  • wh0 lives and wh0 dies
  • what treatments for life threatening diseases are allowed to be released, and what are not.
  • your health care system, and the drugs within it
  • government policies
  • GMO monopolies, and scarcity.

Without these 13 families, and really good people running the show, every nation on this planet prospers.  Every one.  There is enough food, water, wealth, for every single person on this planet to have everything they need to live a fulfilling life.  The powers that be, make sure they keep everything under their control, because when they control the system, the control how the money always flows back to these families.

Who Are They?

  1. The Astor Bloodline
  2. The Bundy Bloodline
  3. The Collins Bloodline
  4. The DuPont Bloodline
  5. The Freeman Bloodline
  6. The Kennedy Bloodline
  7. The Li Bloodline
  8. The Onassis Bloodline
  9. The Reynolds Bloodline
  10. The Rockefeller Bloodline
  11. The Rothschild Bloodline
  12. The Russell Bloodline
  13. The Van Duyn Bloodline

In each one of those links, you can get a detailed history of each one of these families.   Just let it be known, that it is time for you to stop laughing at the people that are trying to wake you up.  These families are playing their last hand.  The hand for total control over humanity.  And the execution of 7.5 Billion people on this planet.

Yes, that’s right.  They want to maintain the balance of our population at 500 million.  And these people will be like cattle to them.  They will buy what they are told.  They will live where they are told.  They will eat what they are allowed.  Any dissenters will be executed.  They have plans in the future, to erase all police forces on the world.  They will not be needed, because every living human being will be chipped and tracked, and they will have drones that can shoot you down if you fall out of line.  This is their end game.  I know this is pretty deep for most of you, and I am sorry, but this is the truth.  The technology is already there.  They are playing their last hand.

The Georgia Guidestones are stones that are put up EXPLAINING exactly WHAT I HAVE JUST DESCRIBED.  To keep the worlds population at 500 Million.  These families have tried massive genocide before, and in fact, are responsible for more deaths in this world than any other thing you can think of.

Here are the Georgia Guidestones.

These stones say that there is a secret group of families that are responsible for the planet, and that they MUST maintain the population at 500 Million or under.

They have tried to do this, but every attempt fails.  And that is why this latest attempt is their biggest one.  They have fallen behind by 7.5 Billion people.  They are trying to make it up right now.  Here is a warning from a video that I received back in March, that started me down this road.  A road that I didn’t quickly take too, because it seemed like bullshit.  However, now, looking at the PCR tests, and false positives, and the fact that the PCR tests cannot even test for this virus, COMBINED with the chaos we are seeing in Countries all over the world, we can no longer dismiss this video.

Watch it in its entirety.  It will reveal what is really going on. It is only 7 minutes long, but it will BE THE CATALYST to your awakening!

So if you are anyone that is in a chain of command in the Covid 19 scenario, let me explain how this works.

From one of these families, comes orders to the leaders they have placed throughout the world.  Each one of these leaders, has an unlimited budget to execute their orders.  In Canada, it looks like this.  240 Billion dollars on Covid spending that our Liberal government will not account for.  They will not release the documents to say where this money has gone.  But my research has led me down part of this path.

It starts with a 4 to 5 dollar per hour raise to the nurses across the nation for “pandemic pay”.  And while they are being paid more, what it really is is hush money.  The nurses do not see it this way, because while their hospitals sit empty, and they experience slower times than in many years, with less hospitalizations, and ICU beds being filled, they are fed with fear propaganda modelling by Bonnie Henry. They get hero badges and boosted up as the heroes by being “frontlines”.

They watch videos of “how bad this could be” if we don’t do the right thing.

These videos show models that never happen, and are completely blown out of proportion.  These models are being used in every Country in the world right now, and the simple fact is, that they simply are not true.  In the beginning of this “fake” pandemic, Doug Ford, said that 400,000 people in Ontario would die alone from this virus.  Was he off?  Ah… ya.  13000 deaths in the whole country 9 months later.

If you want the truth of the matter, here is the deaths in Canada by year.

There is no pandemic, and there never was.

A lot of the money of that 240 Billion is going to the Media Outlets, like CBC, GlobalNews, and local news stations across the Country to fill you with fear of this deadly virus.  To get you to comply with mask mandates, and Public Health Orders.  The end goal is not to return you to normal, but to continuously spread the money around to the places that need it to keep the illusion going to LOCKSTEP you further and further into DEATH AND/OR SLAVERY.

The vaccines, are the population control.   If they decide your race is worth saving, they will not kill you.   They will sterilize you so that you cannot have children.  Or they will give you children with birth defects, primarily Autism, because then they can turn your autistic child into a life long customer of the meds he will need to be on.   I am sorry but this is true.  It is horrible, but it is true.  Robert F Kennedy has done life long research on vaccines, and how in the past 40 years, the vaccines, have raised autism in our Children by 300%.  That is why vaccines are mandatory for children in public health systems.  Now, more recently, they have stepped it up, and WANT ALL 8 BILLION PEOPLE ON THE PLANET TO TAKE THE COVID 19 VACCINATION!

If you can’t see how this is all adding up.  I am sorry.

But there is something you can do.

There is something we can all do.

Non Compliance

Quite simply put, this is the way to end this.

First it starts off with citizens non complying with all orders regarding Covid 19 pandemic.  You have to turn off the TV’s, and turn off all fear propaganda.  You have seen the real stats.  The stats that EXPOSE THIS FOR THE LIE IT IS.  You must de-brainwash yourself of all the bullshit you have been fed for the past 9 months.  It is ALL A LIE.  Then you must take your masks off, throw them in the garbage.  You must walk freely around and be the human you were born to be.  All citizens need to reject these orders.  Your life depends on it.  For real.  The masks are not saving you.  They are marching you towards death.  The powers that be, know who will take the vaccine.  They just have to look around to see who’s wearing the masks.  Then they plan on making it so uncomfortable for those that don’t take the vaccine, that they will strip their freedoms away from them.  You are not allowed to leave your house.  You are not allowed to shop, travel, or live as a human.  You are ostracized from the public.  It is already happening people.  Take a look around at the mask people fighting with the non masked people.  It has always been about divide.  Start loving your neighbour again.  You did before, but you have been brainwashed into thinking they were the enemy, and to keep you from seeing the true enemy is.  The 13 Families.

Secondly, it starts with our front liners.  Nurses, Doctors, and Police.  These people need to stop complying from orders above.  The police need to back off of their orders to enforce these bullshit laws on a pandemic that does not exist.  They are unlawful, but more importantly, the agenda behind these orders is to eventually gain their compliance in POISONING the citizens with the vaccine, that will KILL or STERILIZE us.   These vaccines are made in a way, that they can release a future virus that will attack the vaccinated to kill them.  That is why the want to immunize the frontliners first.  If you all die, then they can move their drones in to police the rest of us that they kept alive.  We will be chipped and tracked by then.  This is a surveillance state.  The phones were the first run of this technology, but we can all ditch our phones.  We can’t ditch our bodies.  There will be no place you can run, or hide.  Watch this video of Boris Johnson.  This is the surveillance state they want.


Then it goes with Military.  Military needs to understand this is the plan, and stop it.  You have the force, and the power to bring down these 13 families.  To arrest them, and charge them in Nuremburg trials 2.0.  This is the the way to end corruption.

Along many of these paths, you will find “agents” paid to protect them.  You must arrest them and give them immunity for their crimes to get to the top.  All the way.  Immunity is the only way to get to the top and gut these fuckers for the disease that they are.

This is the way to fix our planet problems.  This is the way to give humanity the chance it has never had.  We have a unique opportunity that has unfolded for us here.  To finally take back our planet from the wicked and corrupt.  To restore humanity to a place where people just exist, and love their neighbours.  The truth is, we are by large for the most part, good people.  It is through their lies that has created an illusion that the world is corrupt, horrible, and holds disdain.  These families have created this illusion, but when you look deep into yourself, do you wish harm on anyone?  No.  95% of us don’t.  I cry when I watch American Idol, because I see people’s dreams unfold before their eyes.  That is why shows like that do so well.  It is because humanity is exactly that.  Humane.  There are some bad apples, but they are the ones running the show.

They are…..

The 13 families.


So, listen people.  Laugh at me all you want.  This is not a laughing matter.  This is the end of humanity.  Or it is the beginning of a new era.  These people have always failed in the past, but had some degrees of success with wars, famine, genocide of people in Countries that you never pay attention too.

But now, it is time TO WAKE UP!!!!!




I will leave you with this.

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