Dr. Chris Milburn, Dr. Laura Braden, Dr. Aris Lavranos, and Dr. Mark Trozzi on the sexualization of children and medical procedures on minors.

Please share this important conversation, especially with parents. Our kids are under attack. Their lives and futures are in grave danger, just by going to school. What’s happening? Who’s doing it? How do we stop it? Four courageous Canadian experts join host Scott Spidle to share insights from science, medicine, law, philosophy, and spirituality.

Please join us, marching across Canada and around the world next Wednesday September 20th.

Find the location nearest to you, or all the resources you need to easily start a march location in your town or city, big or small: http://1millionmarch4children.com

Yes the march is on! I’ll be marching in Toronto during the day, and attending this event also in Toronto in the evening. Please join us.

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