The following documentaries give a deeper insight in who Bill Gates really is. They reveal how he was convicted as a felony who used criminal practices to gain a monopoly in the computer industry. He succesfully changed his image from a shrude crook to a generous filantropist, by ‘donating’ billions to ‘help’ humanity.

This new trajectory was however nothing else but buying his way into the world’s health organizations, in order to use them for his next criminal operation: obtaining a global monopoly in the health industry.

He quickly became the world’s nr 1 vaccine dealer, who is now demanding the entire world population to be vaccinated with his untested, experimental, DNA-altering biological agents, that are falsely marketed as ‘vaccines’ for COVID-19.

The first documentary is a full lenght expose of the criminal practices of Bill Gates. This has been produced by the investigative journalist James Corbet who has compiled an enormous amount of evidence to expose Bill Gates and his partners in crime.


This second documentary video is much shorter,
but also shows clearly how criminal Bill Gates is.

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